hello, i am currently a sixteen year old ACF cadet, sorry for posting here didnt know where to post it, i have bin overweight most of my life and about 18 months ago i started training upto the fitness standards required for basic officer entry, i got quite close, (i managed to go from 1/2 pressup to 69 pressups in about a month, i was chuffed), i then discovered my eyesight was past the boundaries required for entry, i have been told that this is because of somet to do with the susat, however i have used a susat and havnt scored badly atall. i was wondering if theyre is any way around this requirement, if not are theyre any eye exercises to do-short-sight me and improve my vision, im not everso below the boundary even my optition wasnt sure
Have you had a military medical? ie: pre RCB or something? If it's just your optician doing this, how do they know what the standard is?
i found a naval entry form which has the details attached, it says for entry into the services (not service, atleast i think not), im too young to go in for proper stuff yet so i went too my optiitons
Who told you that your eyesight wasn't good enough? An optician at your local Boots? The Army eye-sight test consists of a very simple "cover your left eye, read out the letters, vice versa with the opposite eye, read the colour blindness detection booklet" job done. Don't rule yourself out because you 'think' you have bad eyesight. Unless your eyesight is really sh*t then maybe you should let the Army medical staff decide, when you attend recruit selection. Good Luck.
Theres always a chance they will miss something or you will get lucky, i went for my recruit selection with shin splints and patellar tendinitis and it wasnt picked up in the medical AND i still did my 1.5 mile in the time needed. If you really want to be in the british army then you will atleast give it a go. If, after the eye test (the one you have before selection) the recruitment officer has worries about your eyesight just make some crap up about the eye test - you were tired, you werent concentrating, the opticions had gammy equipment and basically you think you will easily reach the requirements at selection. Use your imagination and initiative, chances are the recruitment officer WANTS to get you to selection - so give him a reason, convince him you can do it, dont just give up and accept you will never get in because of your eye sight. And even if it doesnt work out you can always go back another time and try again.
Good luck matey.
Pull up a sandbag, laddy

In 98 when i arrived at Winchester for my Phase 1 training (at RSC, they just went off of the optitions report), where I was asked to do an eyetest by the Doctor... ... ...

In the end, he moved me about three feet closer towards the eye chart, until I was able to read it to him!

In phase 2, I transfered to the Royal Engineers. one week into my B3 training, I was called into the medical centre, as my eyesight wasn't good enough for the Engineers. They decided to send me for an eyetest. I booked an immediate appoinment with the PSO, who, after a long chat, told me to tell the optition to report my eyesight as whatever the standard is... ... ...

Last September I left the Engineers after a fun eight years. Don't worry and go for it... oh, and even at my TA medical, my eyesight wasn't picked up on, as the medics were using the incorrect distance (although, as an RMA3, I never told them this!).

So, moral of the story, c_r, basically just try and I'm sure youi'll be fine.
" 69 press ups in about a month "

Even i can do more than that, i usually do about 80 a month :D

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