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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Steamywindow, Jan 22, 2005.

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  1. The scene: a rural pub, which we were checking out whilst looking to buy a house nearby.

    Me and her the only ones in (dinner time), when it starts filling up with farmer types and shooters from the local pheasant shoot.

    She is dead against blood sports - as am I - and wants to start having a go. I, on the other hand, despite being a fairly big lad, am sure that this is a bad idea. What with there being loads of them, and that. I tried to keep her quiet, on the grounds that there is a time and a place for everything, and me getting beaten up by half a dozen inbred Jethroes was not on my agenda today. Big huff ensued, me being accused of cowardice (harsh but fair) and her of being a Student Grant.

    Could you put me right: Was I ok to keep her schtum, out of a combination of good manners (not our pub, no need for our opinions) and self preservation?

    Or should I have let her get into the inevitable barney, and seen what happened?

    Cheers for the opinons (if any)
  2. You should have just sat back and enjoyed your pint whilst she kicked off. A quick slap in the gob from one of the farmers would have put her in her place.

    Besides, if you're both anti blood sports, why the fcuk do you want to live in the country side?

    Quick tip for you.............most country people are involved in bloodsports in one way or another, so if you do decide to live in the sticks, keep you other half quiet or you'll find that your welcome will run out very quickly.
  3. balls. Most country people are not involved, it's probably about 40% of rural dwellers tops. We already live in the sticks - it's just that we are moving. This particular pub was like a set for a 1973 BBC2 play for today, with every cliche about country folk you have ever heard of on display. Including, painful though it is to say, the middle class disaproving incomers (self and her).

    Your suggestion would make a lot of sense in a parallel universe where you let your wife get slapped. Personally, I would have had to join in, thus almost inevitably ending up in a shallow grave nearby, or fed to some drooling daddyuncle's pigs.

    She's speaking to me again now btw, having seen the error of her ways.
  4. What fcuking business is it of yours if they were "bloodsports" enthusiasts?

    why do you or your wife think that you have any right whatsoever to preach to them that they are wrong and you are right? even more so in a public house

    they have as much right to do that as you do to take your wife up the arrse of a friday night - its a matter of personal choice.

    guess what - they were not breaking the law! so what right do you have to claim moral superiority.

    Everything thats wrong with this frigging country summed up in one post!

  5. Sounds like a local pub for local people! Whilst some of the opinions are a bit strong I agree with the sentiment, if you don't want to see dead animals then don't move further into the sticks. Somewhere you can get battery house produced meat from a huge superstore that's just 10 minutes away in your 4 x 4?
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I don't think anyone would have slapped your wife, possibly given her a quiet verbal putdown but no more than that.

    However as you claim that most country people are not involved in bloodsports in some way it would appear that you may need some instruction from the venerable Dui Lai.
    He will be able to teach you the difference between shite and clay as you obviously wouldn't have a scooby at the moment.
  7. Well said.

    If you don't approve, don't approve quietly. It's none of your business. And if you were daft enough to marry an opinionated cow who can't keep her opinion to herself, then you've got what's coming to you.

    It had nothing to do with her, or with you.
  8. My original post said - in English - that I didn't think it was her place to pipe up, what with it being not our local.

    Labrat, mate - the law and morals ain't the same thing. You can disagree with legal things. You seem to be full of angry vibes, man. Maybe you should sit in a wood for a few hours, and listen to the trees whispering. It might fill you with love.
  9. You need to get a better grip on your wife mate.......preferably by the throat.

    Now please tell us........why did you start such a bone thread?
  10. yeah mate. i dont come to your local and gob off about your choice of bint/pint/crisp preference.

    its been said and i would like to point out again, we country folk do what we do and who are you to feel like gobbing off. was only 50 years ago that the food sold in town shops came from us country folk shooting stuff.

    your mrs and yourself are of course entitled to your opinions but they are entirely that. Your opinions and are for you and yours alone.

    sorry to say, round my way you would have got a good hiding if she had said something - they dont hit girls.

  11. Now fcku off! And take your pet pig with you. What do you mean that's your wife?
  12. Steamywindow, when in Rome do as the Romanians, dear boy.

    You were quite right to muzzle your wife. Many of us hold our local pubs as sacrosanct as our own humble abodes and a sanctimonious (and doubtless ill-informed and sentimental) harranguing from an outsider might possibly have been regarded as a little forward, even to the point of prejudicing your potential neighbours against you.

    If your wife lacks the wit to see this then perhaps she is unfit to hold any opinions at all........
  13. Thanks lads. Especially Biscuits and Rincewind.

    Why did I start such a bone thread?

    My own reasons - amply rewarded. Why are you posting on it?

    Steamywindow - the only Greenpeace member in NATO (1996)
  14. Thanks for that. Now don't let the door catch your arrse on the way out eh?
  15. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I fear not old lad - a not unadjacent field officer has been a member since the early eighties.

    A fine body of ...er...persons.

    I was in Marchwood when the Rainbow Warrior pulled that stunt off the end of the Roro - from a professional point of view their boatmanship was ver' slick :wink:

    What beat the hell out of me was that the previous port of call had been Poole - the baby SC's could at least have fouled their prop !

    Le Chevre