Disabled to be forced to work for nothing

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Robbeaus, Dec 2, 2012.

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  1. It would seem that ministers have been reading Arrse for there inspirations.
    Saturdays Guardian (sorry no linky) is running a story about the disabled as of Monday will be forced to take unpaid work for as yet unlimited hours.

    Seems ok on the face of it, although this will be an eye opener for a lot of employers who sign up for this one. As the Equalities Act will still be in force, even if the employees are not paid. Which unlike the disability discrimination act enforces all employers regardless of the number of employees So that's
    Providing reasonable adjustments to the building, such as
    Access to the building
    no steps, but a lift
    Providing a place away from the working area for a rest break
    Disabled toilets
    Adaptions to water fountains and any other facility, so that the disabled employee has equal access
    Only able to work for 48hrs a week
    Any abuse or comments about the disabled by a worker, could be seen as a criminal offence
    Provision of transport to get the disabled person to work and home again, even as much as the costs of a taxi
    Provision of specialist equipment to enable the disabled employee to do the job
    Provision of heating or cooling within the remit of the health and safety at work act.
    Equality training for permanent employees
    Provision of safety equipment, including adaptions to the equipment to make allowances for the disability of the worker.
    And breaches of the equalities act do not need a time period, to take a case to an employment tribunal, nor does the worker need to be an employee of the company taking on the disabled worker, to bring a claim.

    And the list goes on and on

    Seems to me that whoever thought up this one gave it as much thought as one might give to picking a nose.

    Pass the crisps and pop, this should be fun.
  2. **** me it's on permanent send.
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  3. Burst transmission.
  4. I'm having roast chicken for dinner with stuffing.

  5. Have the stuffing afterwards, a sore bottom will spoil the enjoyment of your meal....

    Made it, you've got to be quick on here with a double entendre....
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  6. Good idea. A family friend had a son (now 27ish) who had massive brain damage as a baby. Almost no communication skills and a very childlike view of things.

    Amazingly the Mother makes him go out and work (as a cleaner where all he has to do is follow basic commands) and has made him do voluntary work at shitty places like Asda.

    She's minted, but realises that sitting at home all day waiting to die is not living. I'd have respect for anyone who actually tries to help themselves or do achieve what they can, no matter how little that may be. As apposed to the hordes of no hopers who think the world owes them a living.
  7. That son is you isn't it?
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  8. Don't be silly. I can't follow basic commands.
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  9. I have tried and really can't see an issue with this. Surely an employer will go through the same pre employment procedures and will then make a decision to employ...........or are these people to be forced on employers who will then go bankrupt as a result of fitting lifts, access, transport to work et al, etc?
  10. Aren't most of the adaptions above already implemented by most firms anyway?
  11. It's the law.
  12. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Guinea fowl for tea here. Bread sauce, if I remember.
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  13. C.L.A.P.
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  14. G.R.I.T
  15. Raspberry ripple for desert?.
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