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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by dazz, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. I am trying to find out how I stand as the primary carer for my now disabled spouse. There appears to be very little guidence out there as regards what kind of support I am entitled to. There is loads of info if it is your child that has special needs but nothing at all if it is your spouse.

    Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  2. try this website for a start

    carers UK

    or google Carers National Association
  3. Get the local SS to do a carers assessent as well as an assessment on your spouse. Depending on where you live, you can get a lot of support as a primary carer, including your own care package, plus help with breaks etc.
  4. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I can let you know what civil benefits and help you are entitled to mate, I will PM you my number
  5. Does the Kinship Carers allowance still exist? I find it hard to keep up with this government's meddling with entitlements and allowances (which I suspect is nothing more than a deliberate smokescreen to confuse and deter the taxpayer from claiming his money back).

    If you are a serving soldier, I would also suggest you check out AGAI 108 - Care of Service Personnel with Disabled and Special Needs (SN) Dependants. You might also want to make contact with the Forces Special Needs and Disability Support Group (FSNDSG), previously known as the Queen Elizabeth Group. You can contact them through SSAFA-FH SNDA on 020 7463 9234 or the SSAFA-FH Website

  6. Incidentally, there is also a thread on this topic on ArmyNET in the forum 'Feedback to the Army Board'.

  7. Yep my thread :D

    Dazz, here is what I posted in another thread of yours about this

    AGAI 108 - Care of Service Personnel with Disabled and Special Needs (SN) Dependants exists for circumstances like yours Dazz. However, most people don't know it exists. The key point is

    a. Require a service person, who has a dependant with professionally diagnosed SN or disabilities or Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN), to notify the Chain of Command through unit adminstrative procedures in order that outline details may be included within the Service person's Record of Service (ROS)

    If you fail to notify the Chain of Command you are on your own and if you do notify your Chain of Command you are still on your own because they don't know about this AGAI and don't follow their own rules. Anyone who comes under this AGAI is meant to have an annual interview with their CO, have it annotated on their annual CR (box 8 on AF B2048) and be consulted during the posting process. If you are unable to fulfil the obligations they deem necessary to your capbadge they can transfer you.

    SSAFA in the UK aren't designed/set up for Army personnel as thats what AWS is for and AWS aren't interested unless they get a request from your unit to underake a report.

    My son has special needs and my unit was informed about his condition as soon as we realised he might have a "problem" back in Sept 2003 - three months after I started in my current post. I have still never seen my CO, my annual CR says nothing and MCM still try and post me wherever they want. I gave up asking about AGAI 108 because I was fed up with the Chain of Command asking what it was
  8. Cooperman,

    It was as a consequence of your ArmyNET thread that I made my Unit CoC aware of AGAI108 and its content. Our RCMO was unaware of it and he has since liaised extensively with the appropriate MCM Div personalities that control our soldiers lives, we publish extracts from said AGAI regularly on Pt1Os, and ensure that all out soldiers with circumstances that fit the AGAI are informed of its existence and other provisions.

    Incidendally, the local SCE School 'Inclusions Officer', who deals specifically with service children with SN/SEN was unaware of the AGAI herself! Needless to say, she IS NOW aware of it and the school double check with UWO of feeder Units to ensure that we are mutually aware of families with need of support.

    Thanks for raising our awareness. And please - I can understand and sympathise with your cynicism given the description of your Unit's response - but not all CoC are as apparently unwilling to support their soldiers. Some of us actually DO care about our soldiers and are very keen to ensure they get the best deal they can.

  9. It is heartening to see that in at least one place the CoC has not mistaken the pointing out of its ignorance of one small part of a mountain of admin procedures as criticism, but has acted constructively and for the benefit of soldiers and their families.

    A lesson identified for many others!
  10. Me.....cynical? Never :lol: To hear some families are now getting the support they need is brilliant and to be able to help just one family (indirectly) in the same situation makes it all seem worthwhile :D
  11. And it's another example of the value of ArmyNET. Your posting on ArmyNET had a direct impact on actual events because it's an official site and is viewed by people who can effect change within the army.

    Too few people have still to take advantage of their free ArmyNET accounts; e-mail, forums, community websites, online banking links, access to pay-statements and official publications, etc. ArmyNET will never be a rival to ARRSE, as it is an official site and access is therefore limited. Users are also identifiable, so flaming is not a particularly good idea! But the opportunity to air issues in a public forum, in which there are people who can actually influence change, is invaluable. I would strongly encourage all serving soldiers and their guests to make the most of their accounts. It's a facility that I failed to recognise for too long myself and am now a firm advocate of.

    BTW - I'm slowly migrating my e-mail from Hotmail to Armymail because I can access it from any internet machine (like Hotmail) but also from military machines that don't allow access to Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. Billy bonus!

  12. The wife asked some questions to my MCM under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 - much to my annoyance and I only found out after she had sent the request :? . You will be delighted to know they replied with the following carte blanche statement when questioned on SN or disabled dependants

    "We are unable to comply with your request where data is not held or is readily available as we would be creating data for which we have no requirement. "

    Now what does that tell everyone 8O 8O 8O ArmyNET better get ready for incoming :evil:
  13. This is on ArmyNet today (in the Special Needs Dependants thread) - from me :D

    My husband started this post and as we are still being fobbed off I decided to ask some questions under the Freedom of Information Act. Yes, hubby was/is furious with me but as far as I'm concerned enough is enough - we are talking about the safety of my son here.

    The original reply I received from APC, which I assume was on behalf of the relevant MCM, was poor to say the least so I contacted APC again asking for more details. I had to chase them for a reply but it arrived yesterday, and here is their response to my questions about postings and AGAI 108:

    "Question 4 - All postings are undertaken in accordance with AGAI 108, and it is an individual’s responsibility to inform the chain of command if their circumstances are covered by AGAI 108. The answer originally given in my previous letter represented the number of officers and soldiers who have informed their chain of command, and accordingly had their records annotated. xxxxxxxxxxx MCM Division do not hold a list of those officers and soldiers who have dependants with disabilities or special needs. Again, as in Questions 2a and 2b, information may be held in the individual files, but is not readily available in the format specified.

    Question 5 - As with Question 4 above, every posting order includes special instructions relating to AGAI 108 detailing a soldier’s responsibility to inform the chain of command if they have a child with Special Needs, or a family member who requires specialized facilities for a medical condition."

    I have to say I am gobsmacked by their answers. If we had been posted in accordance with AGAI 108 this thread would never have begun!! (SCE informed MCM Div and hubby's unit, on our behalf, well over a year before last year's posting fiasco.) No figures were given in their initial response to these questions, in fact their reply was "Data not held or readily available."

    Hubby's posting order last year DID NOT have AGAI 108 mentioned anywhere - not even as a general remark. I don't know if this has changed since then because they STILL haven't posted him :cry: :cry: Can anyone with a recent posting order, within the last month or so, confirm if AGAI 108 is indeed mentioned on every posting order as they say it is :?:

    I find it incredible that an MCM Div cannot say how many soldiers and officers have dependants with disabilities or special needs without checking each individual P/File! How can they possibly co-ordinate suitable postings if they don't know how many of each rank are affected?

    Retention is meant to be a priority but what hope has the Army, or any of its soldiers and officers, when an MCM Div does not tell the truth :?: :?:

    EDIT: Bad spelling :oops:
  14. There was an article and editorial recently in The Scotsman all about the way MoD routinely try to avoid answering FOI requests. Dodging questions seems to be part of the culture, and given various performances by Messrs Reid and Ingram, it starts at the top.