Disabled soldier denied parking blue badge[well he only got one leg after all!!]

Congratulations to Notts County Council for turning down the young lad who lost his leg in Afghanistan.FFS!!! this is
indicative of everything that is wrong with the UK at the moment.We look after all the lazy scrounging fuks and to hell with those that have any guts about them.Makes me sick to the stomach,if he only got one leg then in my books he deserves a blue badge end of.
I dont give a flying fuk how far he may be able to walk or not, because sooner or later he going to have a really shitty day and be unable to get hardly anywhere in comfort.Those responsible need hang their heads in shame.cnuts the lot of em.
See the Sun today for info.page 28..
Anyone deserving should get one...just that it seems that those deserving always seem to be the losers.
Misfortune doesn't just affect deserving people it also affects losers as well. Having dealt with parking issues through work, I can understand why the decision to refuse this individual a parking pass was made. If everyone gets a pass then the spaces fill up and nobody with a disability can park. It's not as simple as doling out as many passes as you deem necessary, which is why an assessment needs to be made. Should a one-legged paralympic athlete who has won gold be given a pass over a single mother who has a 14 year old daughter with ME? It's not as easy as you think!

Edited to add: I'll leave this thread as the other one on the Intelligence Cell is far more interesting!

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