Disabled people - NEED brothels?

Should disabled people be allowed to use brothels for sex?

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BBC Story about disabled people...

So, what do those in the NAAFI think about it?

The long and the short of it is whether it is right for disabled people (who can find it difficult to get a relationship and, therefore, sex) to visit brothels for there sexual fulfilment.

Personally can't see a problem with it - If fatties can get laid (and I'm certain there are plenty of ARRSErs out there who've helped in this! :D ) why not let the disabled fraternity?

Thoughts? Comments? Obscene jokes?
have you heard of the whore with no arms or legs?

you/ve got to hand it to her...


well, why not? everyone deserves a seeing to
Makes sense to me, although I have a mental picture of a hooker being swarmed by 20 dwarves and it's putting me off my scoff.
I think it's a disgrace! If I have to spend a small fortune to get a bird leathered enough to hop in to the sack with me, then so should they. They just can't be bothered!

I bet they can really walk too!
Flirting isn't easy when you can't move.
OK I tried to be sensible when I clicked on the link and got as far as the quote above.

Sorry :lol: No I'm really sorry .........:lol:....... I know I shouldn't laugh at that but :lol: ............ :lol:
What did the leper say to the whore?

You can keep the tip.

I'm going to hell...
If they're so interested in equality, why not just take their chances down the Palais like the rest of us? And as for the more pragmatic side of the equation, more demand for spaccer sex means more teenage girls kidnapped off the streets of Moldova, more people trafficking, more drug dealing, more crime over here.

Besides, there's too much danger of them reproducing. There's a perfectly good biological reason why they can't trap.

Edited to add: Christ, it'll be free nooky for gwars, next.
This is an absolute disgrace; I am disabled (amputee) and don't think it is right to have to travel all the way to Spain or even Amsterdam for some pu$$y. Once you get the blue badge the rumpy pumpy should be free on the NHS ...

... come on nursey ... you know you want 'stumping' ...


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Everyone should be allowed to have hooers - end of; me included.
k13eod said:
... come on nursey ... you know you want 'stumping' ...
Well done mate. Got me unable to get mental pictures outta my head.
"Obviously I don't think the answer is perpetuating a form of violence against women. We reject the view that men have a right to sex."
"I think everybody has the right to a sexual identity," he says. "I don't think everybody has the right to sex with another person. That involves somebody else's rights."
Where do these people come from? :?
Cable_Ties said:
Makes sense to me, although I have a mental picture of a hooker being swarmed by 20 dwarves and it's putting me off my scoff.
I'm sure I've seen a DVD (or three) like that.

Who's going to be the first mong p0rn star then?
Suggestions for names anyone?
Stumpy Thalidamide? He's indonesian.
RitchieRitch69 said:
Stumpy Thalidamide? He's indonesian.
No, I think they said he was "In up to the knees again"
Ahh right. Hearing test for me!
As I'm downgraded (not fully disabled) can I get a discount?

Will each prostitute (sorry sex worker) be fitted with disable access?

Will anyone prescribed viagra have to pay full price/less/more?

Will the disabled have to display a 'disabled shagger' badge like the disabled driver badge?

I don't think anyone has thought this through properly.


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whiffler said:
Biped said:
Everyone should be allowed to have hooers - end of; me included.
Very brave of you to come out as a hooer in the NAAFI
Ooops; anyway, how much money you got on you luvver?
: said:
And in the eyes of some, he says, the Netherlands approach risks "ghettoising", with disabled people regarded "as something so different they need some kind if specialised charity sex". .
Specialised charity sex? This sounds better and better. Think of the possibilities! :twisted:

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