Disabled Models

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 41fm77, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. I was flicking round the tv channels last night and came across a programme on BBC3 about the search for a disabled model, fer fucks sake how desperate is the beeb to fill every pc criteria

    beeb page on disabled models

    twas funny to watch thier faces when they found out they were going to have to model nude, mong porn on the beeb whatever next

    edit for mong spelling
  2. question is though would you lol?
  3. good series that was, I think I missed the final, wasn't as patronising and as worthy as I thought it would be, the programme makers were quick to accept the limitations of the girls.

    And yeah, I'd have put them in small dresses and slapped them.
  4. I would!

    Wouldn’t even need the "Kit" with most of them, cant run wont run!

    “Scuse me love, does this cloth smell of chloroform?”
  5. The best thing about a disabled bird, if she starts nagging you can just chock her wheels, help yourself to some disability allowance from her purse and sod off down the pub, not forgetting when you get back to only remove the chocks if she swallows.

    And you get a disabled badge for the Motor, for easy supermarket parking.

    I want a bird on wheels.

    Not a proper fliddy window lickerthat dribbles and sounds like her toungue is double the right size, but one thats in a wheelchair would be fine.
  6. They give me the horn.......I'd do them all
  7. Without a doubt, stumps for arms or wheelchair bound. They're the hottest raspberries i've ever touched myself over!
  8. With regards to would you?

    I know of one gentleman from Cdo Log Regt RM who indeed did. When he had finished emptying his dirty spudwater into the aforementioned differently-abled lady, he invited her back to the pub where he was to rendezvous with some colleagues from the aforementioned Regt. Somewhat confused as to an explanation of why he was accompanied by a disabled lady he used all his legendary Commando wit and guile and promptly wheeled the big hairy spazzer into a half full builders skip! I believe that she may still be there.
  9. Did a raspberry with only one leg a few years back, It was great, both holes were really easily accessable.
    Whether she wants it or not, cant put legs together as she only has 1 of the fcukers!!
  10. Just had a flashback to a lesson with Re-sus Annie that I sabotaged with a demo of 15 insertions to one compression! :lol: