Disabled man takes atos to court

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brighton hippy, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. Oops.

    Case continues.
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  2. Oh bollocks. Shows why reading to the end of the article can be useful :)
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  3. BH There are a few appeal tribunal results in which the appellant has been placed back on Incapacity Benefits. IE The migration from IB to ESA in the cases did not comply with the law. Tests unfit for purpose.

    In a case of a friend I recently won such a decision from the DWP decision maker who phoned to say "I can't put this in front of a judge he will kick it right back at me". ESA has been in payment for nearly a year whilst waiting for appeal. I did FOI to establish that the male nurse used by ATOS for initial screening has no Nursing Midwifery Council registration. The female nurse who conducted the test was then disciplined by ATOS for failing to record contraindications, due to surgery, of treatments the nurse had hypothesised would make the person fit for work within 3 months. A week after pointing this out to DWP they feared proceeding to tribunal and have stopped ESA and are now calculating arrears of Incapacity Benefits ready to start the whole sorry process again.

    My friend is looking forward to a substantial back payment of IB. How much has it cost in just this one case to make absolutely no progress at all ??
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  4. Just wait until they start migrating DLA to PIP. You ain't seen nothing yet.....
  5. On the plus side, the case will likely bring the ****ing weasel Grayling's words and the lack of corresponding action by ATOS into the limelight. One does wonder why it didn't happen.
  6. I mam what sort of **** thinks 11 taperecorders for 123 centres is a good idea?
  7. The sort that doesn't, doesn't, doesn't reeeaallllyyy want consultations to be recorded and potentially played back in a higher forum ^_~
  8. ATOS do everything in their power to prevent you recording or having the interview recorded.

    Time after time when transcripts are available and are compared with what the 'healthcare professional' has written down, it transpires that the assessment document is a complete work of fiction.
  9. My missus went for her review for being 'on the sick' (for real problems, not put on to avoid work before anyone asks).

    She got a letter a few days later saying her claim was being stopped due to the interview with some kind of 'medical professional' in ATOS' employ. It included the reasoning for stopping the claim which was basically a tissue of lies from the 'doctor' which in many places was the direct opposite to the things had been said in the interview (ie - "Mrs JBM has told us that she is able to do this' when my wife had told her very clearly that she couldn't).

    The lack of tape recorders is almost certainly by design...
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  10. PM sent.

    This is part of PM reply:

    For the purpose of this reply, I'm presuming this happened recently. At the same time as your wife received that notification, her GP will (or might) have been sent something stating their (ATOS's) position on this, the outcome of their 'assessment' and, also, words which strongly imply their greater authority or knowledge than his (the GP's) to arrive at the conclusion that they did.

    I don't have direct access to the ATOS letter described here; are there any GP's out there who are members of the ARRSE, and can flesh out the matter of the content of the (presumably template) ATOS letter? Your Membership of the RCGP won't be jeopardised if you shape shine shadow and silhouette behind some ****ing ridiculous username :)
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  11. Clearly able to work if he can take this sort of action, get these scroungers off benefit.
  12. You need to get a little closer to the mic ^_~