Disabled (Less abled) hotel rooms

Having driven around for the best part of two hours trying to find a hotel that my company is attached to and has a spare room, i have arrived in South Wales to find myself assigned a disabled room. (A smoking one aswell, hoped to find a buddy with wheels toking on a cigar in my room but to avail)
Wouldn't mind, but there are a few niggles.
Why do i have to risk back injury to have a shave?
Why do i have to smash my ankles off of the side of the bath?
Why do i have to turn lights on with my knee?
But most of all, i don't mind myself but i haven't got a TV remote! The tv's on the other side of the bloody room! Lucky i've got legs!

Im sure a less abled person wouldn't stand for having to lump with an "abled" room!
Are you sure you haven't checked into Legoland by mistake? These SatNAvs can be very unreliable at times.


lol! Had one of these rooms at a Premier Inn in London, sink was level with my knees... had a shower then asked to change rooms, they complained I had used it but moved me.

As you say, an non abled bodied person would soon moan, why shouldn't we?!
That annoys me so much , just keep ringing reception to get the channels changed , whoever designs these rooms has no fugging idea, hang on south wales ,sure its not a sheep pen youve been allocated ?

Cow: Same brand mate, probably a recurring problem.

WW: Unfortunatly, there is nothing with limbs and intelligence behind the reception desk, let alone in my own pen! Fcuking highlarious about the calling to change channels, i might pull the alarm cord each time i've lost my stroke on whatever shite porn Channel 4 has on!


Men and Motors beats Ch4, shame they moved it off Freeview, they have some right strange shite on there!
And how many Premier Travel Inns have more then 4 channels these days? I count two, City Center Cardiff and City Center Southampton.

And they had remotes.

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