Disabled Car Blue Badges

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by exile1, May 21, 2011.

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  1. Read in yesterday's Portsmouth Newspaper that there are 10,000 Disabled parking Passes issued by the city ... that equates to 1 in 20 being disabled! If this is replicated across Britain it means there are about 3 and a half million disabled drivers on the roads .......... WTF?
  2. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    I picked my Mrs up from work yesterday and every disabled parking spot was taken by a low slung sporty type motor or a BFO 4X4. All they need to do is pick up their grandmother once a month and it's all OK.
  3. A lot of those people will be carers of disabled people, not necesarily disabled people themselves... even so, it's still a lot of them. Maybe just one or two of them are cheating, just maybe, I don't want to slag off any of the cheating scumbags or anything.
  4. Mrs Glad has one of them, quite legitimately and I can tell you it's a ******* nightmare trying to find a parking space sometimes, especially where we live. We are in the centre of a delightful old market town, with two spacker spaces around 100m from the house, no on-street parking by the house, no drive or garage. You wouldn't believe the number of folk who see the disabled sign and figure "that doesn't mean me, I'm just dropping off the kids at nursery school/making a delivery/doing a quick shop" - and making life very difficult for Mrs Glad.

    A lot of the quality motors you see around with blue badges have been bought through Motability. If she were entitled to use the scheme, you bet we'd get a quality motor, rather than her rather venerable Passat estate.
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I think a lot of fellow Stabs must be the owners of said badges, if year on year AFT participation numbers are anything to go by.
  6. As a certified crip, I can just about guarantee that 99.9% of the tossers displaying a blue badge don't deserve to have them.... Take time out at any local supermarket and watch who parks up and pops a blue badge on the dash.

    Its about time a photo of the 'owner of the badge' was displayed on the front of the badge and not the rear. That way it would be easy for the ticket tossers to see who's entitled to park for free and who's not! The only bod legally able to request a gander at a blue badge is a member of the old bill (how many times is going to happen???)

    Most of the gits who use a blue badge are relatives of the holder, and see them as a free parking pass, the take Granny out once a month brigade (the gaga old girl hasn't got a clue what she's signed anyway) and use it for their own benefit the rest of the time. Sad but true.

    I've given up worrying about it since some old fart, coffin dodger, prodded me in the back with his stick and told me that I couldn't park my bike on a disabled parking space... I pointed to the relevant 'badge' mounted on the front of my bike and asked how the **** he'd retained his driving license while being so blind. His response was the classic 'I didn't fight in the war so that.......' at which point I cut him off with 'No, I bet you didn't! - not like my old man who flew countless missions over Germany or my Grand Dad who drovepetrol tankers in Africa - you were probably a fuckin' bullet dodger, stacking blankets in Salisbury or some other cushy depot - GTF out of my face! I left him spitting, red faced on the curb while I went into the Post Office. I came back to find him still there ranting to another old chap who seemed to have been caught up in his tirade. I sat on my bike and let him spout off and then simply removed my leg and handed it to him, while I put my lid on........ His co-conspirator gurgled like a drain and walked, while Mr High an Mighty did his best to back peddle! Me, I just retrieved my leg and rode away - some things never change.
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  7. Fast forward to 2040 where your Grandchildren are having the same argument.

    Hopefully not missing the leg though!
  8. Get down off that cross somebody needs the wood.
  9. Well when it comes down to needing the wood we bow down to your knowledge.
  10. thats where all the "hidden" badges are issued
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  11. Given the roadcraft of the average driver, I'd say 3.5 megaspackers is an underestimate - there are at least another 10 million with massive brain damage and severe optical impairment. :-\
  12. Spaz drivers moaning about lack of parking places - **** off! Equality; why should you get special privileges? Why don't mong drivers get fines for parking in normal parking bays? :)
  13. Your old man was in the Luftwaffe and your Grandad was in the Africa Korps, Sieg Heil.
  14. Mrs Bonzo has had the sort of blisters on her trotters that you would only expect to see on a platoon of "them" having returned from the long drag
    She can walk about 4 steps before she is crying with pain.
    We asked the Doctor for the loan of some crutches and were told that they are no longer allowed to give them out - "Health and safety". So I had to go and buy some as it was quicker than trying to get crutches out of the local hospital
    We have applied for a Blue Badge and it has been rejected. C****t knows why. I just hope that whatever cnut threw her claim out gets the same disease him/her/it self and f**king suffers.
    When she saw a specialist, his frist remark was that he wished his students were there to see it. On the next visit they were.
    I would love to be able to get hold of a Blue Badge, even as a temporary measure so that Mrs B could get out
    The disease is Lichen Planus - look it up; believe me, you don't want it. Fortunately and from a purely selfish point of view, it is not contagious.
  15. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    My fav is still the amazingly fat bastard in a fully plated merc private taxi, so badly parked he took two parking spaces and sat there. I told a friend of mine about him (also a taxi driver). That's nothing he said. There's a black hack driver getting DLA as he's an alcoholoic. Still driving. I hate this subject it reminds me that people are c**ts and it's going to get worse