Disabled and doing sponsored stuff

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by ThorTaylor, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. Here is a quickie (ish).
    Im disabled, left arm amputee, buggered knee joints etc.
    However, I have my moments and push myself when necesary.
    If I wanted to do a sponsored walk or something would I lose my pension/benefit?
    By definition disability is obvious.
    But by nature I want to help, and being a 'cabbage' I can raise more publicity because of it.
    Do I sit and dream of doing sponsored walks etc or should I do it and lose out and possibly get done for fraud?
  2. If you are doing it for charity then its not classed as an income so I don't see how it could affect any benefits given.

    If your knees, according the your pension awards, say you find walking hard and it impairs you walking long distance / struggle to work etc, then you are seen to be able to do a fair tab for charity I can see how that my be seen as fraudulent.
  3. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Go for it.
    Many do.
    Let us know what you are doing.
  4. Thought so. But lkike I say I have good days and bad. Sometimes I stand like an 8o year old in Morrisons and have to go sit down (all too common/often) but other days I can put up with it and the drugs help.
    Although, my arm wont grow back so that wont be fraud :)
  5. Thor, I think the best person to ask would be your VA welfare officer. That way they can ask the benefits agency the ins and outs of 'a person' with xyz doing said deed and what impact it would have on the 'all work' test. (or whatever it's called this week)That way you remain anonymous if it would affect your benefits adversely.However, even if it affects your benefits it is not likely to affect your pension at this point but may affect it should you apply for a review.
  6. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Dont ask anybody anything it will set off alarm bells everywhere and only one person will lose out - YOU
  7. I see a massive difference between beasting yourself once for a good cause, and beasting yourself day in, day out for the rest of your working life.
  8. I think it needs to be something that doesnt require me to compromise my status as disabled.
    It's hard to sit back (or be told) to sit back and be a redundant body.
    My mind is still young and fit pre disability, I dont think that will change.
  9. Therein lies the rub, you might see it differently, I might see it differently, as may many thousands of others. However the benefits agency and it's operatives do not have the ability to see people as individuals and to thus take each case on its merits. common sense is not an attribute that those people have.
  10. I think I knew the answer as I posted, but it's food for thought.
    Why cant us disabled members of Blesma, veterans Assoc raise money by doing something especially tough?
    Otherwise,I do feel a little bit of a charity case (Im speaking for myself) and it makes you feel redundant.
    Of course, if I had enough cash flow to not need benefit sibsidies for the hours I cant work, then I would 'fill my boots' as they say.
    Society forces me into a position of sit up and beg, which I hate.
  11. Thor, don't give up on the idea, just make sure all bases are covered.Like I said, get your welfare officer to find out the official line. If it then transpires you can't do your first option, there are many other ways of helping. Being a volunteer with one or more of the charities might not have as quick a result in helping but it's still putting back into the community.
    As for the benefits you receive, I have spoken to many ex-service personnel who feel the same way and as I have said to them, the money you have paid over time in tax and insurance , is exactly that, an insurance policy. Had you paid premiums to a private healthcare company you would expect them to pay out, instead (or as well as) you paid it to the government, it is now up to them to pay out to the policy holder. It is not charity it is what you are owed. It should be the government who are ashamed at the way they treat those who keep their company afloat. No private company would be allowed to treat it's members in such a way.
  12. Have you thought of doing volunteer work ? Your Doc can always sign to say it's theraputic.

    I used to do voluntary work until I became too screwed in the head.

    (I used to help in mental health day centers, the clients thought I was madder than them :D ....they were right)
  13. Im setting up a charity for amputees/PTSD sufferers anyhow, I decided this after my trip to Sierra Leone this year and seeing the bloody mess it is out there. However, I also wanted to use the charity to help folk in Sussex (then expand).
    Before anyone comments, Im not reinventing the wheel, just taking charge of the crap I can do stuff about.
    But Im trying to solve some personal issues right now so it's on hold. It is high profile and I have some good backing when Im ready.
    I filmed some of what I saw for BBC documentary on slavery abolision.
    Africa is a fantastic but screwed up place!
  14. I am not sure about doing sponsored stuff although you can do voluntary work for therapeutic reasons while claiming pension/benefit
    They are unlikely to approve of volunteering which appears to be the same or similar to that which you did as a living before you became incapacitated