Disability Scooters....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FaceLikeAPingPongBall, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. Is it me or has anyone else noticed that there's a fair few more of these about than there were a few years ago, which is a good thing of course for those that REALLY need them.

    However, when the disability that makes one require one of the above as a mode of transport is the inability to stop putting cakes and pies into one's body, wouldn't a pair of trainers and a gym membership be a better investment?
  2. They're great if you hire them out at Edmonton Mall, you can put all your beer in the front basket!!
  3. I regularly see blokes in their mid thirties razzing about on these around my estate (the estate where I live, not my family's country estate, which is fictitious but a nice idea). They're the envy of the other dossers around here, the ones who have to walk or catch a bus to the job centre every other tuesday.

    A mobo - cart for being obese? Not suprising when they reward juvenile offenders with adventure training. And I didn't vote in 1996 because I was too young...so it's not my fault!!
  4. There's an old girl near me who rides one of these mobility scooters on a busy main road. Ive always thought if they are legal to be on a public road?.

    Any takers on this query???
  5. my grandad got one as he was waiting for a hip replacement ( he's 85), however after new hip... he's out walking the dog( with a stick). But he has managed to sell it to the bloke next door but one to him ,who is 49 but has a fondness to pies, for a profit. gradads arguement being hes managed to cope for teh past 84 years without wheels to get around he reckons he can manage a few more. form what i can see the bloke next door is on incapacity or whatever it is called beacuse he is too damn lazy and unfit to get off his arse and get a job.
  6. i thought they were sposed to go on the pavement unless they had indicaters and MOT etc
  7. Why would anyone give a f uck about your local elections? The General Election was May '97.

    Let me rephrase your last.

  8. doris near us uses her husbands to go to the shops because she is a fat mess
  9. Glad to see it's not just me that sees the jelly bellies heading off on their Mr Kiplings run as fast as their battery powered fattowagons will carry them!
  10. At least in the 1970's you could tell the spacker was a genuine Deacon 'cos they had a three wheeled fully enclosed blue plastic spaz chariot. Now any pie-munching salad dodger can buy one...you can even buy them in Argos...

    FFS if you're to fat to walk to the shops to buy food you don't need it you f@ ba5trd
  11. i have a scooter that we inherited from my grandma and it is fantastic fun riding it down the street for about 20 seconds and then you realise that:
    a. you look like a knob
    b. you're only going at 2mph and it would be faster to drag your body along the floor using your arms. Even lazy fatties could probably get around a lot faster waddling.
    oh well....it was fun whilst it lasted.
  12. I worry about you Robot.
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The's a old guy in the small town where I live who's got one.He has one of those yellow hi-viz vests draped over the back so he can be seen easier.Anyway,He calls into the local every lunchtime for a few & then,later on,climbs on the scooter & heads off up the hill in the direction of home,weaving all over the place.
    Quite funny to watch really....
  14. Have you ever wondered why you never see them broken down or with flat batterys?
  15. Cos they're run on electricity and easier to charge? Why does the majority of the riders seem wider than the actual scooter?, you would think that would be a trigger to get off the sodding things and use their bloody legs. You'll soon see the local Greggs have provide parking space for them.