Disability Living Allowance claimant in deep water

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, Sep 11, 2010.

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  1. BBC News - Lifeboatman in false disability benefit fraud claim

    To be fair the DLA forms do ask for symptoms on the worst days. No space for good day activity like lifeboat work.

    A few months ago I was asked to help in an appeal against withdrawal of DLA. The benefits agency had been sent photos of the man carrying a fridge freezer as he worked on his house clearance and second hand furniture sales business. Been operating the business openly whilst drawing Carers and higher rate DLA care and higher rate DLA mobility allowances. For years. Including openly driving a sign written van to work in and using a motability car as the family motor.

    When he asked whether I thought he had a chance of getting his DLA and carers reinstated I had to say "Why has it not occurred to you there is no fecking chance"
  2. If this guy has been claiming carers allowance and earning more than £95 a week then he'll be expected to pay it all back as you can't legally earn more than £95 and still get your £53.90 in carers. The earning limit is 16 hours at the minimum wage
    It doesn't sound like he has mobility problems if he can walk & carry furniture, unless he has qualified cos hes a double amputee - as for high rate care component if hes getting that then i say he lied big time on his form to get it. to get middle rate care you have to show you have frequent and substantial care needs with your bodily functions, to get high rate you need to have night time care needs.

    Its folk like him that make it hard for the genuine cases to get the awards
  3. There are very few double amputees who could carry a light cardboard box and walk (as their centre of gravity is higher & so they're a lot more unstable), never mind carry a fridge freezer!

    I agree! You need substantial care needs to get middle rate. And, the criteria for getting higher rate care is that you need care at night when everyone is asleep...if someone has to wake up to help you, you automatically don't qualify!?! Basically you need to be almost in an ICU or very near to death to get the higher rate.

  4. It's no suprise to read about lifeboat people falsley claiming benefits, it's quite a common thing amongst them. A few years ago I knew this bloke who claimed disability benefits & claimed on a private insurance policy that he couldn't do his paid work, the insurance company covered his wages & DLA paid him at the higher rate of mobility. The bloke even used to zoom around on one of those disabled electric scooter things but strange how he always responded to his RNLI pager & do lifeboat work. And if that wasn't cheeky enough, there were also 5 serving old bill on the same lifeboat crew who all turned a blind eye to the blokes activities.
  5. Hiya Visitor

    You know the DLA case above is on the periphery of a murder case.

    One of the basic things Kent Plod failed to do was Voters Lists checks. These show co-occupants at a number of the houses owned by the murder victim. Some of these listed co-occupants are "ghosters" (non-existent) being listed for 3 years to clear for credit fraud. Others do exist but list at his addresses on the record so their partners can claim as single mothers from their actual addresses.

    One address (two bedroom flat) had seven single men listed as occupants.

    The single men claim benefits from the listed addresses whilst working cash in hand and doing ferry smuggling trips and their partners claim as single mothers. Their parters often living in houses owned by their partner and thus claiming housing benefits in excess of the mortgage repayment.

    The Buy to Let mortgages in the set up are all High Street lenders. So each purchase featured at least 15% deposit. Or gifted deposits.

    Most purchases featured remortgage with a High Street lender within a year. Supposing the house was bought with a 50% deposit. Then remortgage a year later releases 35% of the house value after one year (OK when prices were rising) then it is paid over for services and thus laundered through the company of the man who primed the purchase.

    As far as benefits fraud across the group of say ten men. 1.5 million+ in ten years or so.

    The council seem curiously reluctant to investigate the housing benefits frauds. Leading me to write to a tory cllr retired colonel who has refused to reply. I made a FOI application re three tory cllrs (no answer) and whether they declared financial assistance to buy their impressive homes (Shades of Mandleson). And about other tory cllrs with buy to let portfolios.

    In this case I came up with the name of a building firm based in London. And the suggestion it launders money via maintenance work for buy to let portfolios. And a suggestion it is a front for drug pushing cycling its profits via deposits and non-existent building work.

    Handling allegedly £300,000 worth of cocaine was an ex armed robber. The love interest nowadays of the murder victim's widow.

    The armed robber shot a post office clerk wounding him with a shotgun years ago.

    But his early release was secured personally by Lord Longford (Irish nationalist and fruitcake). Approaching his miraculous release he shared cells with IRA and members of Arif gang with whom he allegedly maintained contact after his release.

    What police are refusing to answer is whether this ex armed robber is related to two persons whose names featured in warnings ignored by Kent Police before the bombing of Deal Royal Marines barracks 1989.

    I am sure you ahead of me here Visitor. Police wrongfooted by unwisely protecting a turned source. Wrongfooted time and again bombing, drugs pushing, money laundering and murder. All this associated now with widespread vested interests in suppressing inquiry.

    So far two hardly connected individuals have been brought to book. The house clearer on DLA and another man by Customs for booze and baccy running. Tokenism.

    I am pursuing a civil case. And I used this to outflank Kent police. Plod were refusing to disclose documents they copied to IPCC when denying negligence in the murder inquiry. I forced disclosure from the Chief constable's solicitors via the Court process. And I found that the "Copies" of letter(s) they filed with us and court were NOT the same as the letter(s) sent to the other party. The letter sent enclosed copies of the Chief constable defence and suggested how the other party could frame their defence to corroborate the Chief constable version. So I have reported this to Judge before whom the case file is at this time. I consider it a breach of Civil Procedure Rules and conspiracy to pervert justice.

    The murder victim's father thinks there is no way the Judge in chambers will let me snap up a Chief constable, his solicitors and barrister.

    I tend to agree. The Chief constable concerned is of course now a civil servant with CPS ensuring the fair and unbiased application of justice ..........

    You have to laugh. Another story of green police and colourful grasses ?