Disability Discrimination Act

At the recent annual EO brief, the Adj mentioned something about the Disability Discrimination Act applying to the Armed Forces from 2006, and gave an example that jobs where a disability would not preclude someone from doing it would be open to those with disabilities as defined under the Act.

Does this mean that the entire medical classification system will need changing, and what do people think the impact will be on the Forces?
The main impact will be on support staff as the Act requires the MoD to make all necessary changes to the infrastructure of a building to allow disabled staff to be able to do the same jobs as their able bodied counterparts. That will probably mean disabled ramps by doorsways, modifications to lifts and doorways etc.

At the end of the day if a perfectly qualified typist or admin assistant who is confined to a wheelchair can do the job as well as someone who is able-bodied I see no reason why the MoD should be exempt from facilitating their ability to work. Eceryone else has to confrom to DDA minimum standards far sooner than the MoD and I can't understand how they have got away with it for so long.
i would be in support of it
need to make 2 classifications
combat and non combat personnels
so that one can stay behind and cover for the absence of the combat troopers, ie driving Lorries, gates, mechanics, offices and postal works there are many jobs in the forces that doesnt involve running around in the field
Presumably this is only going to apply to civvy staff.

guess we will have to wait out till we find out a bit more
It's quite a complex area, but in essence if a job has genuine physical requirements then it's quite OK to use them as a bar to recruitment. Conversely, if a job does not have any then barring the disabled is unlawful.

So in practice it should mostly affect civvies, as sitting behind a desk screwing over soldiers in the MoD does not require the ability to do a CFT. Being an infantry soldier does.

However, this does assume that the MoD and Army will understand the legislation properly and put it into practice. Given previous employment law fiascos (pregnant servicewomen anyone ?) I'm not confident.
Although having a serious mental illness/ personality disorder has never been a bar to career in HMF :twisted:
I thought most people had finally gotten used to the idea that you can be in the military if you can pass the tests!?

If you can: you get your money and go where your're told.

If you can't: go be a civil servant/second class citizen with every one else and stop whineing.

Why should the argument of deployable/non-deployable rear it's ugly head again?

If it did then how fcuked up would you need to be for a medical discharge?

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