DIS cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lt_Hardly_Worthit, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. RUSI tells us we are a soft touch for terrorism so the government decide to slash intelligence provision.

    To$$ers (Govt not RUSI)
  2. No, not Govt, try the to$$ers who want to cut back on the number of buildings in use in London... Defence Management Board or something... :roll:

    At least those now speaking out were true "professionals" when they were in, unlike those running the show now. :x
  3. Of course it won't. That's because they are paper generating self-important jobs worths.
  4. Are the Government reducing intelligence provision in order to stop themselves being covertly eavesdropped? Or am I just getting old and cynical?
  5. Well someone has to pay the "Free2 legal aid bill for the non-residents who are being held in one of of fine hotels such as wormwood scrubs or belmarsh.

    I mean "Free" legal advise is not cheap for the tax payers.
  6. WTF :?
  7. Yes, I'm confused too......... :?
  8. What is the split between civil servants and military getting the push?
  9. Bit more to this than meets the eye folks. In termsof context i will admit to being DIS until quite recently. The situation is that OWOB has to close as it is in dire need of very expensive refuribhsment. At the same time the MOD is shedding 25% of all London jobs to cut costs and free up space in MB for the DIS and others to move in. The posts moving are mainly those that dont need to be in London for day to day effect - in other words niche roles that while vital can be done at a distance. At the same time there is a clearing out of the 'dead wood'. Those of you who work with DIS will be aware of the "variety" of posts that exist, and how some are very much cold war legacy posts that we would struggle to justify retention of now. At the same time there are a lot of vacant posts that havebeen empty for years which are being chopped - in other words we're not losing anywhere near the numbers this guy suggests.

    The former DCDI quoted in the report is seriously out of date - he is at least 3 - 4 DCDI's ago and the DIS has changed beyond recognition since then - the ways of working are different and the need to all be in one central London office is no longer there. For those of you advocating retention of the OWOB, ask yourself if you'd rather the billion plus needed to bring it up to scratch is better spent on the OWOB or troops in the field?

    This is a real non story, driven by a dinosaur with no current knowledge of what the DIS is doing and who doesnt know the reality of todays environment. PROSPECT will scream at anything and I pay little attention to them as they are absolute unionista jobsworths. These proposals are militarily led, and have the support of those that matter.

    I would pay little attention to it.
  10. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Thanks for that Jim, very informative. Its true to say that all stories have 2 sides
  11. In the moment of victory tighten your chin strap.
  12. At least Jim30's consistent in peddling the corporate line. Unlike his successors the DCDI quoted was a career intelligence analyst - and he went on to be the special investigator for the Intelligence and Security Committee so he's not as out of the loop as Jim infers. For those with longish memories he's the one they sacked for suggesting that perhaps the dodgy dossier on Saddam's WMD would have benefitted from a sensiible int input rather than cutting and pasting somebody's thesis from the web.
  13. Really Old - nice to know that I don't know what I'm talking about. Heaven forbid that I should possibly know something about issues which were having a daily impact on my job.

    The old DCDI is now out of date, he hasn't been a member of the building for years and has shown zero understanding of the rationale for the changes. But what do I know, after all its only my organisation we're talking about?
  14. I have to agree with Old, and Jim certainly seems to be peddling the corporate line. Gordon Corera's article on the BBC website is very accurate and the Prospect comments are similarly not over the top and a pretty fair assessment of the situation - at present DIS is well respected in the community and the cuts are likely to have an adverse affect on the capability of a well respected all source analysis organisation (Cabinet Office Assessment being the only other notable one) to carry out its task.

    Not sure what a "cold war legacy post" is but there is a great variety of posts within the organisation, and as far as I am aware none of these deserve to be in inverted commas!