Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by therealbigdizzle, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. Rape them both... at the same time.

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  2. Wipe my arse on their tea towels

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  3. Shoot my load in their milk

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  1. So... been told by the 2, 18-y.o, student, never lived away from home before, nawkers that i call housemates that I'm 'dirty', and not allowed to touch any of their stuff, including the cupboards that their stuff is in, because I left a plate on the kitchen side for a day before I washed it up.


    so, I've decided now that I'm branded 'dirty', I need to start living up to my name.

    where do I start? Ideas?

    sexually-based ones need not be included. I'm thinking more kitchen-based.... wiping my arse on their tea towels? jerking off in the milk?

    give me some more!
  2. You could start by posting on a forum that caters for civvies.
  3. and get a grip of your admin while you're at it.
  4. ooooooo what a bitch.
  5. Or, failing all of the above, try wanking in your housemates mayo bottle.
  6. Lift your nads. If's there's fungus there, if its black and green, you really have a problem. From a medical point of view, I think you are a creature, not worthy of the antibiotics we'll pump down your throat as youre riddled with gangrene and maggot infested and cluttering up one of my wards. I hope you die a horrible gangrinous death that will teach you the importance of personal hygiene. And, if you're mother isnt riddled with pox, I hope she chokes to death with swine flu. That would make my shift.

    Any other questions please PM me. You fuckin stoat.
  7. that's a bit of a bite!

    seeing that you don't even know me... and all you do know is that I left a plate on the kitchen side for 12 hours, I'd say you were the * stoat.
  8. Immediately stop washing and wearing clothes, experience the convenience of using your bedroom as a toilet, remove the larger piles of shit by smearing it over the walls. Finally just to prove a point starve yourself to death. You'll have hours of fun.
  9. W ank into the shampoo. Dip toothbrush's down the toilet.
  10. Wash your socks in a bowl of water in the microwave!!! Then tell them "Cus it's saves on lecky and water".
  11. No it makes you the boring cunt for

    (a) living in a house with two 18 y.o. girls and not riding them (you must be gay).

    and (b) the pathetic issue of your civvy life is leaving a dirty plate oon the side for 12 hours and being bitchfcuked by two birds over it.

    Pathetic creature.
  12. I thought this was the NAAFI Bar not the fu*king student bar.

    What was on the plate by the way?
  13. never commented on whether I had or hadn't. twat.

    it's not the issue of my civvy life. I just thought it'd be a bit of a laugh to live up to my name.

    a few blobs of sweet and sour sauce. hardly a decomposing raw steak.
  14. He's a student, so lentils. Smelly feckin hippies.
  15. no im not a fecking student.

    they are fecking students.