Dirty Weekend

Discussion in 'Blue Jokes' started by Monty417, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. A middle aged couple, married to each other's partner, had the hots for each other and had finally managed a weekend together in a country hotel. As soon as they got into their room, they tore off their clothes and ran at each other. The guy wasn't wearing his specs and sailed straight out of the window. Fortunately, they were on the first floor and he landed in a big clump of landscaped bushes. He lay there, semi conscious for a while, but was well concealed. When he finally came round and found that, luckily,he'd only suffered a few scratches, he realised that, apart from his socks, he was stark bollock naked. He tried quietly calling up to his bedroom window, but got no response. By now it was getting quite dark, but just then, a porter appeared at the side door for a smoke.

    The guy goes. "Pssst..Pssst." The porter peers over in the gloom and spots a white arm waving at him from out of a bush. He cautiously approaches and the guy's head pops up and says. "I've fallen out of my bedroom window, I'm ok, but I need some clothes."
    The porter says. "Just go back in through the main lobby and up to your room." The guy says. "I can't do that, for fucks sake I'm stark naked. The porter says.
    "Don't worry, nobody will see you. They're all watching the fire brigade trying to prise a naked woman off the bed post."