"DIRTY WAR"..............We're all doomed!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ozgerbobble, Sep 27, 2004.

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  1. Could we feck, we're all doomed

  2. We might stand a chance

  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/dirty_war/default.stm

    I have to commend the BBC for the docu-drama "Dirty War" last night which was surprisingly well done and very sobering. Did anyone else see it? Basic plot line: several al qaeda attack cells import construct and attempt to detonate a series of dirty bombs in London. One goes off outside Liverpool Street station.

    Made even scarier by the evident lack of government preparedness should the real thing happen. The truth I suspect is very close to the fiction.

    Would we be able to deal with the scenario if, god forbid, they did manage to do it? 8O

    I plan to take the advice in the government handbook they sent me recently..........................soil myself and then see if the bird standing next to me fancies a quick one before we both cop it!! :wink:
  2. Please note as a civilian i choose the 'We might stand a chance' option and will be standing by with my fingers crossed inside my coat pockets.....
  3. I do suspect that with the large muslim population (of all factions) contained within most large UK towns and cities that it would be very, very foolish for any Islamic terrorist group to try anything like that without suddenly losing all support from UK muslims.
  4. and I've no doubt that if the govt ever read this observation, the home office would claim that this was the aim all along when they devised their cunning immigration policies..... :roll:
  5. Me thinks ...... it's time we closed our borders!
  6. especially the one with Scotland.
  7. .......got any jobs going LEP?

    (I'd better get in quick before you have an influx of Brit immigrants!!)
  8. can i change my vote?

    having voted then reading the first post - i will be fine thanks, infact i would go as far to say life would be better for me and mine.

    I live 157 miles from london, and theres a northerly trade wind...

    Bye Bye bLiar.

  9. JB

    JB Clanker

    Probably not the time/place to go off into an examination of the internal dynamics of radical Islam; but...
    - evidence of indiscriminate attacks in East Africa, 9/11, not to mention Afghanistan and Iraq would seem to suggest that causing casualties among 'fellow muslims' is not a major consideration in the planning for al-Q type group attacks.
    - as far as the al-Q type radicals are concerned, jovial Hassan the moderate Moorgate Halal kebab shop owner, who gets along with his 'Christian' customers and Hindu landlord, is not a proper Moslem and just as bad, if not worse than the rest.
  10. The dramatisation was not too real life - in the last scene when he was being questioned by the cops in Belmarsh the arrested man (central bad guy) would actually have been represented by Legal Aid or similar at lots of cost to the UK taxpayer!
  11. There is a school of thought, the "You don't s**t in your own nest" school.
    Which espouses that a major attack in Britain is unlikely due to the relative lieniency of the State here with regard to radical groups.

    There are groups and individuals operating openly in Britain who would be arrested and/or deported if they were to show their faces in much of the rest of Europe.

    An attack on the scale of 9/11, Madrid or worse could see them getting their P.45s and a ticket to somewhere hot and sandy at the behest of the public at large.
  12. There is a school of thought, the "You don't s**t in your own nest" school.
    Which espouses that a major attack in Britain is unlikely due to the relative lieniency of the State here with regard to radical groups.

    There's already been a number of arrests and the Met Commissioner is quoted as saying it's only a matter of time
  13. Too late, I'm here already!
  14. Watch it Foxy, I KNOW where you live :wink:
  15. Didn't see the programme as I am abroad, but the wife mentioned it to me. Suspect that there is a lot of dramatic effect in it: a dirty bomb is a panic causer, not a WMD!

    PS: and like the Republican party car sticker used to say "More people died at Chappaquidick than 3 Mile Island"!