Dirty Van Graffiti

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo2nothing, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. On the way in to work this morning I was stuck behind a filthy white van. Some comedian had written on the back as they normally do but this was different, this was actually funny - Warning: May contain immigrants!

    Laugh? I nearly crashed my bike....again..

    Anyone else seen some real funnys....the normal bollox of "I wish my Wife was this dirty" and "Clean Me" are not required.

    Edited cos I can't remember what I was teached at skool.
  2. The shunter wagon at work has the " i wish my wife was this dirty on it" also underneath some wag has put " she is , just not with you "
  3. Saw it on the news last night, the cop van that was bringing the bank employee who they suspect helped rob the northern bank had written on the back.

    "Also comes in white"
  4. "Dirty Van Graffiti" isn't he the guy who starred in ......

    Is that my coat? Thanks..
  5. wasn't he the arch nemesis of Dracula??!!
  6. "Aids"

    The kids wrote aids over and over a mates work van that was gipping. Think he is in the process of FHM-ing it
  7. on the back of a 40ton Artic on the A617

    "hows my driving? ............... only my mum worries!"

    and then on the M1 South


    written just above the Safe-T-Bar

  8. Dirty rear window of a Robin Reliant

    "My other hat's a Trilby"
  10. Saw "Any hole's a goal!" on the back of a lorry on the way back from Reading.
  11. There is a clean van in Leicester with something like the names Patel & Singh General Builders signed in the side. Underneath it says "You've tried the cowboys now try the Indians" Tickled me!
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  12. Dirty Van Grafitti? Mozart opera wasn't it?
  13. Cleaned by the NHS
  14. I saw one t'other day that had ' Drivers, test your airbags here' on the back