Dirty protest

I needed a dump (proper) whilst uptown Gillingham.
On entering one of the cubicles, there was no bog roll, none in any of the other shitters, so pissed with the idea of having to walk home with a shitty ring piece, cleaned only by the WHS receipt i had in my bin i decided that the
dirty deed of spraying my sent over the stainless steel industrial back to wall pant to teach Mr toilet attendant to sort his act out
I have been back there once more to do the deed again; my work is getting better as i am honing the technique quite well. (wait till bogs are empty and all that covert stuff)
I am thinking that i might administer a two pint self enema of milk (warm) into the equation next visit.
I might start on the neighbour’s cars and door steps that i don’t like.
Anybody else done a protest, be it with fire, shit or just a house brick?



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Bobby Sands Walt
looney said:
I needed a dump (proper) whilst uptown Gillingham.
ha ha ha ha ha it has an uptown, ha ha ha ha

why didn't you just dump on any street and cause £14.72p worth of improvements
I'm impressed, the length and shape of the main turdlet must have required great skill, you sir are an artist who takes pride in his work.
Could you give any dietary tips on how to keep the solidity of the main piece as well as the Jackson Pollock effect you've got going on with the accompanying diarrhoea.
Markintime said:
Is this the bit where a famous pooologist sees your photograph and warns you , you've got some incredibly rare and fatal disease which is only curable if discovered within the first week?
But at least it's a way out of Gillingham.
Wife beater and Tabasco sauce on everything, the following day should produce something similar, the longer you can hold on to it the better as your lower colon will absorb some of the moisture to shape it up as to say.
Next protest will be from the standing on the pan stance i think. More spray on the back wall needed.
Mr toilet attendant will soon get the idea that i mean business.

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