Dirty old git

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by Gunner_smudge, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. An old man went up to a beautiful in a bikini and said...
    "I want to feel your tits....I'll give you £10"
    "Get away from me you dirty old man" she replied.
    "OK let me feel your tits for £20 then" said the old guy.
    "NO.. get away from me.! " she said loudly.
    "Well what if I make it £50. will you let me feel your tits then?"
    There was a few moments silence as the girl thought about the £50, then she came to her senses and said again..."No get away from me."
    "Right...my final offer then." said the bloke, "A hundred pounds if you'll let me feel your tits"
    She considers this and thinks 'Well he is old...and a hundred pounds would be very handy'.....
    "OK, I'll let you do it for a hundred, ....but only for a minute though." she answered.
    She unclipped the hook at the front of her bikini and as the old guy filled his hands with her young firm breasts and began to fondle her , he started saying "OH MY GOD.....OH MY GOD...".over and over again.
    A little amused, the girl asked "Why do you keep saying Oh my god?"
    While he continued to feel her tits the old guy answered "OH MY GOD......Where am I ever going to get a hundred quid from???" :?