Dirty Nasty RMP

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by right-grumpy, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Why do the threads about a very naughty RMP bird keep disappearing :?

    It is in the newspapers and has been on the net so why :?
  2. Ssshhhhhhhhhhh I will tell you why.

    Its becau....................................thud.
  3. Quick pic of her from FB before this gets binned! would you and would you pay?

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  4. Good drills.....any more??
  5. cant find the last one of her that was up .... damn it... and computer wont let me access that newspaper.
  6. I would certainly do the dirty biatch but there will be no cash changing hands.

    Now if some of you proffessional pervs could find some more pics for my wank-bank before this gets holed I would be most happy :D
  7. Yes, I thought ARRSE was getting back on track - talking about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll after all the very boring bitchiness that's been on here recently. Seems not apparently.
  8. Already been the Londis cashpoint for my £100!
  9. Where on earth has it gone cant find that one of her in red anywhere...... highly suspicious
  10. Can't understand why the thread was removed. She was a durty, durty, durty wee hoo'ir and she got caught. The Sun says so and if it's good enough for The Sun, the paper which supports our boys.....why are the Mods getting their knickers in a twist?

    Anybody got any 'proper' photographs?
  11. Fook me pay for from a Welsh bird.... not a bloody chance.
  12. I like the line that she is thought to be "living in Cwmbach" Well,it made me smile.
  13. here

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