Dirty Hands

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by DoorBundle, Jun 27, 2004.

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  1. Why is it that most medics I have come across (not literally) have minging hands? Come to think of it, it's not just their hands. Some of them are walking growbags. Is it in your dress regs that you culture your own bacteria down the front of your CS95?
  2. DB

    Not on my watch mate, sparkling pinkies all round and if said medic is actually laying his hands on the sick, he'll wear a pair of disposable gloves.

    We are as clean as any in the Royal Regiment.
  3. DB,

    if you spot any Medics who are minging, you have my and every senior member of the Corps backing to "discipline" said minger.

    Make sure it is a good "disciplining" mind, no softy-softy approach please :wink:
  4. and a severe pasteing on my behalf too please if you would.
    probably a CMT, no standards :wink:
  5. Ah, bless em. These poor CMT's are given the sh!test jobs, mostly by you lot on the thread above me.. . . . . . .then you bollock them for not having clean hands!!

    I'd like to see you lot get your hands dirty a bit more often!! :roll:
  6. Come round to my gaff and you can get my hands dirty anytime gorgeous :wink:
  7. i take it that youre always having to wash a hard days grime out of your radioactive hands!!!
    if so, clean your department more, bloody medic!!
  8. with the things you post!! :lol: surprised any wimmen still talk to you :wink: :lol: :evil:

    C_C now buggers off out the medic forum :oops:
  9. Thats why I come on this site, as no true woman who has met me will ever go near me :twisted:
  10. You'd suprised what i get up too to get my hands dirty!! My trade is 90% boredom, so i have to help out others!! Good samaritan of what!! :D I've even been known to play about in threatres!!! Shocking I know, it wont last for much longer!
  11. On my way. Do I need my coat for the UK, or will my bikini be ok?
  12. Birthday suit is fine by me! :twisted:
  13. but youll need to wash your hands afterwards!! :wink:
  14. Depends where you touch me :twisted: