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German musician Patty Gurdey.
Any old (ish) gits here remember Honey Bane?

Never saw her live but brought all her stuff, including the Crass collaborations, and had her pinned up alongside Debbie Harry as our own British Blonde singer with proper attitude.




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Not been mentioned before, but I'd like to nominate the backing singers for Squeeze on Cool for Cats
An old workmate is friends with Difford and Tilbrook, and even had them at mate's rates at his wedding a few years back.

I shall have to try and remember next time I speak to him to ask who the girls are. I wonder if they were just a couple of sorts that the band know/knew.


Screwing your own kids to prove that you're not gay seems a little desperate to me.
Deffo a belt and braces approach.
I never saw her live either. I think Jimmy Pursey was knocking her off at the time. She wasn't bad looking.
The day I found out that Jimmy Pursey was shagging her I instantly hated him for evermore.

She even released a single about him.

God I am a miserable old git sometimes!
Am I to understand that The Frippy and Nippy show is a regular feature(s)?

Yes. It's something that probably fills a few minutes of their dreary lockdown day and perhaps huge fun for them, but from a spectator perspective it does seem a bit pointless (yes, I know). I'm a Crimso fan but perhaps not so devoted that I can find their domestic capers compulsive viewing.

As far as her attire is concerned, I suspect that Robert Fripp might be one of those types who likes to see his wife being screwed by other men. I expect that the current lockdown rules have put the dogging sites around Wimborne strictly out of bounds.

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