Dirty Filthy Rock Chicks

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FFS, Along the corridor & up the stairs - that's how you find where you are....
Presumably you exit the disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard” and then go up the stairs

Suzi Quatro and Joan Jett always did it for me.
They are responsible for the death of billions of my offspring, and the anger of my mother for the state of my bedroom curtains.
my mother was always amazed how many pairs of socks I got through in a week
I've gone off Chrissie Hynde very recently. She can eat her pocket brass
You are completely wrong about Savile.
After all, Mary Whitehouse did give him an accolade for 'wholesome family entertainment'.
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Beki Bondage, from when she was in Beki and the Bombshells, back in the mid 80s. This was a photo I took of her when they played Wolverhampton Poly in November 1986.


Today's competition:

Use your 'Dirty Filthy Rock Chick' skills to guess which one is the drummer?


Swedish Rock Chicks ' Thundermother' are gearing up for their authumn tour.
Dunno? she still got a pulse?
Chrissie Amphlett out front of the Divinyls was the cause of many stained fronts.....ah the memories. Unfortunately since deceased from cancer but in the day....oh yes!


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