Dirty Filthy Rock Chicks

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I know same later on, somewhere amongst house removals I've got a hard disk with an upskirt of Katy Hill, I've got hundreds of the blighters to sort through

She was a dirty scutter, she even encouraged me to take an upskirt
She lives locally to me. Regularly see her wandering around. Hopefully, she's horny for a grey haired Rifleman*, in the hope that said Rfn can give her the best 30 seconds of her life.

*me :1: :hump::bow:
Given the range and variety of your proclivities and those of @don't tell him pike the pair of you are unique in being able to offer the entire range of sexual perversions to the entire female population of the planet.

As Churchill probably didn't say "never in the field of human sexual deviance and sordidness have so few offered so much to so many".

******* outstanding.
Do we get a GSM with a clap clasp for our efforts?

D'arcy of Smashing Pumpkins fame

I was in Bos when Siamese Dream came out and on my Class 1 when Melon Collie was released.

I would certainly smash her pumpkin.
No doubt selected by Saville and his lackeys
But...that would mean the Heads of Sheds at the Beeb were complicit in covering up his shenanigans.

Shome mishtake shurely.

Back on track. A rock classic with the vocals sung by someone far more shaggable than Robert Plant.

A plagiarist but rumoured to bounce like a suicidal banker.