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I was listening to a rock internet radio station this afternoon. Smashy played a track by a band called Starcrawler and mentioned the singer Arrow De Wilde.

Hmmm, thinks me. Better check this out. Academic purposes only.

Flash to bang between expectation of a dirty filthy rock chick and a horror story was faster than the speed of light.

Jeezus h krist. Seen more meat on a butchers apron.

I would like to offer sincere apologies for this atrocity.
I briefly shared a tent with a lass of the same build.....thus started my interest in long-distance running.....
I have never been lucky enough to see L7, although my sister was at Reading in the 90s, when one of em flung her jamrag into the crowd.

They weren't the prettiest of lasses but they had a sense of fun and made great music. Shame their recent UK tour has so few dates. Here is a clip of them showing them pussies on The Word how to shock.

What a load of bollocks. The worst kind of crest of a 'teen spirit' wave-riding shite I have ever seen,

Jackie Jax Chambers from girlschool.


And her side project band Syteria.
They're still worth seeing, they're pretty much Motorhead with tits

Strangely they look better looking now than they did in the 80s
Saw them in Essen back in the 80's when they were support for Rainbow, they were shite live which was disappointing as I'd just got their album and loved it.
The Duchess.
Lead singer for up and coming prog band Space Elevator

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