Dirty Den

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Biscuits_AB, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. I was wandering through a quaint and charming Yorkshire market town yesterday, when one Ex LCpl Leslie Grantham crossed my path. I hadn't realised that it was him, as he's looking a lot older since he owned the 'Queen Vic'. I would have walked past him not realising who he was, but for him catching my eye. As I looked him square on he looked sort of startled. My first thought on recognising him, was that I'd held the skull of the man he murdered, the gun which he did it with and the round which was removed from Herr Ree's head.

    Has anyone got a photograph of Stan Upton, the bloke who nicked him. I'm wondering if I bear any resemblence. It was like your man had seen a ghost.
  2. Did you know that dear Leslie had to be taken onto the strength of the SIB Section in order that Stan could charge him ? Therefore LCpl Grantham L RMP (SIB).

    Anopther good one about Stan is as a young Mne he liberated the building in which he later became RSM then OC.
  3. Oh and I forgot Mr Grantham has seniority over you!
  4. Come to think of it......maybe I look more like Felix Rees?

    That building you speak of, where is it? Was that in Dortmund? I can't find anything on Google.
  5. No mate the SIB Office in Osnabruck. By all accounts Stan was involved in a minor fracas with the Boche just the other side of the canal in 1945.
  6. Cheers. Wasn't Grantham arrested in Dortmund? That's where Herr Rees worked as a cabbie.

    I know that Fr.Rees lives in Osnabruck, as when your man at the Depot did the 'alas poor yorik' (spell check on that please) bit for local press (which ended up in The Sun as Eastenders had just taken off), with her husband's skull, a Sun reporter visited her and she was rightfully upset.

    I had it on 'reasonably good acount' from 'Mo' that even then the skull was never returned. The pistol ended up as a training aid.
  7. Leslie Grantham (born April 30, 1947) is a British actor.

    Grantham was born in Camberwell,London and enlisted in the British Army in 1965, at the age of 18. A year later he shot dead a German taxi driver in his cab while attempting to rob him and was convicted of murder. In his statement to the police following his arrest, Grantham claimed that he did not know the gun was loaded and it had gone off during a struggle with the taxi driver. Although he had committed the murder in Osnabrück, Germany, he served his sentence in a British prison and was released after 10 years

    Osnabruck – 72 Section

    Originally located at Bad Rothernfelde, some 25km South West of the town, the Section HQ moved to Roberts Bks, Osnabruck in the early 1950s and later fostered a Detachment at Munster. Over the years the Section HQ and Detachment swapped roles on a number of occasions, at times looking after other Detachments as far a field as Iserlohn, Dortmund, Werl, Bielefeld and even Berlin. Probably the most famous enquiry the Section dealt with was the murder of a German taxi driver, Felix Reese, by the then LCpl Leslie Grantham, 1st Bn Royal Fusiliers in December 1966.
    This case subsequently attracted world-wide media attention when Grantham found fame as a TV actor in a well known soap opera. Enough has been written about this despicable crime to make further comment unnecessary but for one interesting and unique procedural point; before being brought to trial, Grantham was brought onto a posted strength of SIB BAOR and subsequently charged with Murder by the then WO1 Stan Upton, who also acted as the Assistant Prosecuting Officer.

  8. Let us also not forget that he likes wanking in front of computer screens.
  9. Ah! that's where he's recognised me from!
  10. And that is unique? Ahem.
  11. Biscuits, Western.

    Interesting - any more snippets (not interested in his w@nking though).
  12. Liar
  13. On leaving prison is believed to have taken up as a Landlord in an East London pub.
  14. ......and he didn't mean to rob the poor bloke......or kill him, honest gov, he was forced to do it by the Fusilier mafia.
    I understand he started taking acting lessons whilst he was banged up and got to bone some no mark actress who later got him into the 'lovvie' world he now crawls around.
  15. You could tell he was a Fusilier. He had a bit of 'east end style' using a 'shooter' .........unlike those Green Jacket c*nts, who haven't advanced past garden tools yet.