Directx 10.1

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by IT_GEEK, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. It would appear that the latest incarnation of DirectX (10.1) due at the same time as SP1 is notcompatable with any graphics card currently on the market, including the expensive Nvidias 8800 series and ATI's 2900 series. Whilst many web sites are belittling exactly how much 10.1 brings to the table, you got to be p*ssed off royally if you just rought one of these cards.

    I myself was about to buy an 8800gtx, but am unsure now if I should wait, even though my advice to everyone else has always been "buy what you can afford at the time, and enjoy what you have with no regrets"

    So do I go against my own advice and wait? But I am PC'less at home at the moment and dont know if I can wait!!!!

    Aaarrrrggggg dam you Microsoft/Nvidia/ATI :(
  2. I got 2 GTX's and two days later i found out about this. But if you keep waiting then will you ever update? The 0.1 will only bring like 2-5 new "Effects" to the table. So i somehow dont think game companys will be focusing on them. Heck they have only started on DX10. in the end it's your choice. But i would just go for it. The GTX is one heck of a card. Also you will be waiting a long time.

    Nvidia and ATI make the most money out of there low end to medium end cards. This means game developers are "restricted" to getting games to run on them cards. DX9 will be around for a long time to come. DX10 is still in it's early stages. Heck there aint a game which fully uses it. Dx10 will be around for a while. Along with the 8 Series. Even the "refesher" products being relesed in November will not have DX10.1

    You could go with a 7900 and wait for the DX10.1 cards and update then.

    Your choice man. But i would go with the GTX
  3. I wouldnt bother with any DX 10 cards at the moment, way too early IMO! only a handful of games use DX 10 anyway, so what's the point of buying one? even 'id software' are not embracing DX10 yet, Id's latest engine the 'ID Tech 5' uses DX 9, so you still have a long while before DX 10 will become mainstream!
  4. I understand what you mean. They might end up as the FX series with there support of shader 2.0. Or like the PS3 with no games. But they might end up good. Guess we need Crysis.
  5. Its not so much that I am buying a DX10 card, I am buying one of the fastest cards around, I simply dont want it to become obsolete even quicker than usual lol.
    I have decided to go for the GTX anyway

  6. It will be maxing out games for a very long time =).
  7. Just consider how long it took for DX9 to take a game that fully used all of its effects - I would say the first game to do so was FEAR. So I wouldn't worry too much about DX10.1.

    Personally, I'm still using one of the first athlon 64s, alongside an AGP 512meg ram 1950pro and XFI pro sound card with 64meg ram and 1gig system ram, I'm still able to run most games on max, or near it(Armed Assault for example). Although I admit the sound card does seem to make a difference to if something is playable or not.

    I'l probably try to get another year out of the system before I consider upgrading it.
  8. I think that you will find that this version of DX 10 will have no affect what soever on the current crop of gfx cards. it is just a software update and the rumour about 8800's and the Ati 2000 series is just that a rumour.
  9. Its not a rumour, its a fact. MS published the specification for 10.1 back in August. The 10.1 spec revision basically makes a number of things that are optional in DX10 compulsory under the new standard - such as 32-bit floating point filtering, as opposed to the 16-bit current. 4xAA is a compulsory standard to support in 10.1, whereas graphics vendors can pick and choose their anti-aliasing support currently.

    However, as previously stated by some others, this is a way off yet and simply because it is there doesn't mean Devs will code specifically for it, so I am happy that my newly ordered 8800 Ultra will last a fair while yet :D