Directions to York Barracks, Munster

hunter_1873 said:
cheers for the help lads, i'm travellin from the UK tomorrow

gonna be one long drive :D
Good luck, son. It was my first posting - 1969 :oops: . Did it in a ten year old ex-WD Hillman Husky still painted Army green. Gate sentry asked to see my work ticket even though I had civvy plates. Only had a tourist map.


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Munster, truly a marvellous town. Great bars, great women, all round top place
The 17/21 Lancers were also there in 1951-57, they were part of 20 Armoured Brigade, 6 Armoured Division. I was with 20 Bde Signal Squadron at the time .. one of my best mates was a Cpl Dennis Mumford, wish I could contact him.

casperfromtoulseville said:
Were the 17/21 lancers posted there in the late 1980's?
17/21L Were in Swinton Bks (Left out of York, over X Rds on left). The whole area was flattened and is now a trading estate :(

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