Directions to ITC course dates on Army Net please

Discussion in 'ArmyNet Announcements' started by oldcolt, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. Hi. Looking for some help please.
    Just spent about half an hour searching and looking through ArmyNet to try and find course dates for the JNCO course (TA) in Catterick but can't find a link to a useful page. Am I just being thick, is there no such page or, is it cunningly concealed as a test of my initiative?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Oldcott

    The School of Infantry has taken ownership of their pages within ArmyNET and although they contain quite a bit of info (as your searching will have unearthed) currently they do not contain details of the JNCO Course, (TA), at ITC(C).

    In this instance your courses clerk at your unit will be your best bet for information.
  3. Thanks for the information and prompt reply. May I take this opportunity to sugest that the index/ menu/ navigation on ArmyNet could be improved as it is not always clear where to look or how to look for certain information. I appreciate that this is complicated by the fact that many pages are owned by many different units/ sub-units but I believe that many feel that the portal has the potential to be a fantastically useful reference point but has no yet reached its true potential.

    As was suggested on another thread on here the other day. One of the most useful items would be an online searchable list of courses, the availability to which units, pre-course-requirements, spaces remaining and a 'late booking' option for last minute loading by units (as in holiday booking) to ensure that spaces/ budgets are not wasted etc. This would be especially useful for the TA who do not always have access to the DII systems on a regular basis,would reduce wastage and increase efficiency.

  4. You walked straight into that one Armynet...
  5. That's the trouble with us old cold war warriors... give us a gap and we'll drive a russian tank division through it :lol:
  6. This isnt just any ambush, this is an oldclot ambush.
  7. An online course booking system is something that we are looking into but it is still someway off.

    It would also be a significant piece of work to ensure that every course was contained within the system and that their status was regularly updated in terms of availability, pre-course requirements, joining instructions etc. This would require buy in from those that manage the current man-draulic systems which are in place.

    Different Arms and Services are approaching this issue in different ways. For example the Royal Artillery have a very swept up area dealing with courses at Larkhill:

    Although it not an online booking system you can find out information online about how to go about booking courses.

    Thanks for your feedback though. The course booking idea will receive more attention once our current big project has come to fruition.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Certainly no more, and almost certainly much less than the current system, I would argue. All the info already exists and holding it centrally would make a great deal of sense. Add in a forum for discussion / advice / handy hints / feedback etc for each course and you could almost catch up with where the rest of the world was in about 2002.

  9. Having looked at the linky it is a vast improvement on many of the pages; hats off to them for work done so far.

    This large project sounds interesting. Any further information available?
  10. AT LAST! anyone looking for the courses list and having a daydream about the courses they would like to do but will never be allowed to go on; they are now up in glorious technicolour on armynet. No linky available, I'm afraid, but search 'inf cses' and the world is your salty wet slimy thing :)
  11. Clicky (You'll go the page once you have logged in.)

    (I take it that's what you were referring to?)