Direction for Readings Afgahn 2006.

Hello all

as part of study I have been directed to read the book "3 Para" by Patrick Bishop with a view to answering a question on the aforementioned deployment. I have also been advised to "read widely" (sage advice indeed) so have also read.

The Great War for Civillisation (Robert Fisk)
A million Bullets James Fegusson
The Punishment of Virtue Sarah Chayes
An Ordinary Soldier Doug Beattie
and am about to launch into 3 Commando.

I've also trawled through Time magazine (2006 editions) for contemporary articles (very few surprisingly) and lifted a few linked pages from this website from the Gaurdian, Times etc that give an idea of the journalisim going down at the time.

Can anyone else reccomend any good books dealing with the same period of time?

Also, would I be out of order if I asked for any direction on the campaign in 2006 (ie, what things were done well, what was done poorly, that sort of thing?)

Thanks in advance.

Any campaign study benefits from a knowledge of the psychological make up of the participants. For that reason, I recommend two books by Lt Col Dave Grossman (US) "On Combat" which deals with the pressures and stress of warfare and the other one by him is "On Killing" which covers learning to kill.
Thankyou for the response I read the second book a few years ago and found the research quite interesting. I'm going to press ahead with the book 3 Commando and see if that adds to the overall context of the time.

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