Direct recruiting from Prisons now a reality

Mrs B has just returned from her shift at the local nick to give me good news..........
The Army is now recruiting directly from the local prisons. Her briefing today outlined that prisoners with 'minor offences' could now apply for the armed forces whilst still inside. Each application would be on a case by case basis and ACIO interviews etc may be conducted in the nick itself.
WTF are we really getting that strapped for manpower? Are standards going back to the days of Service or Jail? Can't recruit in schools any more, so we'll tap a 'captive' audience?
It's not that bad an idea, there's a lot of young lads in jail who would make good soldiers and for whom the latest outreach program is a waste of time. There's nothing like a Corporal screaming in your ear for motivation.
I have known a few crims who would have benefited from this and turned out allright. Keep away from sex offenders and the terminally dim though!

Lewis said:
Sven Hassel time!
We had a Bn full of crims before the last defence review............1 Kings :lol:

It was not that long ago that recruiters were trawling the haunts of the homeless in London, dishing out soup, trying to get down and out ex soldiers and those with no previous experience to re-join/join. The caveat at the time was that the would sign a contract to kick their respective habits, if they had one.
UK is usually a couple of paces behind the US in all things novel...

"...This is where waivers come in. According to statistics provided to Salon by the office of the assistant secretary of defense for public affairs, the Army said that 17 percent (21,880 new soldiers) of its 2005 recruits were admitted under waivers. Put another way, more soldiers than are in an entire infantry division entered the Army in 2005 without meeting normal standards. This use of waivers represents a 42 percent increase since the pre-Iraq year of 2000. (All annual figures used in this article are based on the government's fiscal year, which runs from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30. So fiscal year 2006 began Oct. 1, 2005.)
"The more of those people you take, the more problems you are going to have and the less effective they are going to be," said Lawrence J. Korb, an assistant secretary of defense under Reagan and a senior fellow at the progressive Center for American Progress. "This is another way you are lowering your standards to meet your goals." Retired Lt. Gen. William E. Odom, who was the Army's chief intelligence officer from 1981 to 1985, also called the increase in waivers "disturbing."

"Some recruits had criminal records of assault, breaking and entering, and possessing drugs
Taken together, the troubling statistics from the Army and anecdotal information derived from the files of the Air National Guard raise a warning flag about the extent to which the military is lowering its standards to fight the war in Iraq. The president may be correct in his recent press conference boast that "we're transforming the military." But the abuse of recruiting waivers prompts the question: In what direction is this military transformation headed? "
Sounds like a good thing, there's a lot of young guys who need a way out, and also need to be straightened out a bit. If they're no use then they'll be binned early, that part of it won't be reduced.
Dunno about this. I had some troubles(all drink related; violence against willing participants, parked cars, etc.) after I released. Still a good soldier as far as I can see. makes alot of sense. Even real psychos are better suited to suceeding when surrounded by a strict order. They should recruit non-freakishly violent offenders with the caveat that if they get RTU or charged, it back to the nick....
Obviously they are not going to take the real "hardcore" crims - are they ?

Seems like a good idea to me if it helps get some of these kids back on the straight and narrow.
Spank-it said:
Obviously they are not going to take the real "hardcore" crims - are they ?

Blimey M8..what planet are you on..??..never seen the 'dirty dozen'..that was a Cracking 'Crown services' recruiting film..almost made me go 'crim'..cuts out all that PCoy/selection sh*t'....
Trouble with this is that what with sentancing guidlines all the offenders who would /could be helped by military service don't end up in clink just community service orders etc......maybe thats where recruitment should be aimed at
Bad Lad's Army tried that route, It seemed to have worked for some of them, I remember one series that at the end, when they all fell out at final parade, most of them went over to the Army recruitment stand to sign on, some of those who got kicked out during the series said they felt a loss at leaving, I remember one Guy who nutted Kyprianou for being a lazy mong, he was marched to the gate and he looked really gutted and on the verge of tears.
It must be working, there needs to be one caveat, like in National Service, any time in the Glasshouse was added to your National Service, this can be modified to, if you fail to toe the line 1 or 2 year down the road you resume your sentence no time off.

Important note to remember, IIRC, many of these Bad Lad's were given the option of community service or joining the TV series as an alternative, they didn't exactly volunteer, it was an experiment between 20/20 Vision film company and the Courts.

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