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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cleanbluesky, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. Who handles direct officer entry, my local TA centre say that they dont and I cant coax a specific answer out of the TA website?

    I have an application in for regular officer entry, should I phone them up and tell them I would like to switch - or do I have to get in touch with the TA unit I would like to join and they will sort out direct entry for me...
  2. CB,

    Many TA Units take a different approach to Officer Recruiting. Many insist on commissioning through the ranks (or atleast Ph 1), while others take the DE approach. I'm afraid it is down to your local Unit does, or what they are directed to do by their RFCAs.

    Remember, what works for one, might not work for another!
  3. Generally speaking you will be best off to find a TA unit that you think is for you - go along and have a look at a few. You would then join and go through the same basic training process as a Tom. Once they are happy that you have what it takes to be an officer they will put you forward for a TCB. On passing this you would gain PO status and then would untertake MTQ2 training and so on before attending a commisioning course at Sandhurst. I believe that some TA units prefere there officers to have spent a while as a Tom first - the HAC springs to mind.

    If you have already attended an RCB and passed then you will probably be able to convince the TA unit that the army already thinks you have officer potential and therefore speed the process up a little.

    If you tell the careers office that you want to join the TA and not the regs then I imagine that your application is effectivly binned although they should provide you with info on the TA.

    edited to say Pips beat me to it!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    What is your local TAC?

    Abacus may well be the best person to answer your questions.

  5. Combat (Para Artillery)
    289 Para Tp
    312 London Road
    RM7 9NH

    I know this is going to be naive of me but is this a parachute unit? Whats the artillery suffix for if it is para?
  6. I've seen that there are a lot within 10 miles, although the TA 289 do seem attractive.

    I might go to and visit

    Specialist (Intelligence)
    RHQ 3 MI (V) Bn, 21 Coy 3 MI (V) Bn, 22 Coy 3 MI (V) Bn, Trg Coy 3 MI (V) Bn
    Ashford House
    79 - 85 Worship Street
    EC2A 2BE

    As I have a degree in Psychology and I believe such a unit would deal with Psy Ops.
  7. Well the normal TA Para's in London are at White City and they are the infantry type. Heres a link to 7 RHA which is a regular unit but their website works; not knowing anything about the unit you listed earlier I expect they do something similar.

    As for the green slime I suggest you give them a call and arrange a visit.

    Good Luck

  8. 289 is a commando battery isn't it?

    289 Para RA ceased to be in 1999 or thereabouts.