Direct officer entry south wales

I'm considering joining up and thought i'd ask you all for your thoughts.
I am particularly interested in the officer direct entry scheme,
my nearest unit appears to be 104 regiment royal artillery, do any of you have any thoughts or experiences regarding the above?

cheers in advance


The sub unit i ma part of used to be part of 104 regt ra, they are a good bunch of lads and have got a lot of good SNCO's especially the TSM of C troop. Go for it, you will love the challenge and camaraderie, Raglan barracks also a nice officers mess.


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Don't plan on seeing the inside of the mess for about two years

Consider what it really means to be a military leader do your research and go speak to someone in person. Remember Officership is about Command, Responsibility and Example underpinned by the Ethos you have to live by and up hold. Then if you are serious fill your boot and prove it!

It will take about 2 years if you make the grade :) then Trade training will follow. Its hard work and worth every minute if you are serious - but the days of jolly hocky sticks are long gone.

At this point understand what it means to be an Officer then decide on the unit

If you go for it good luck and stick with it!


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