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Just tried getting a quote from Direct Line, all well and good when using Skilled as the job description got a fairly good quote, but when changed it to HM Forces, the site refuses to give you a quote, anyone else had a drama with this company discriminating against us.
Not with them but with a lot of others. Not only car insurance either....

I tried to get life cover for our mortgage about 4 years ago and only two companies would even quote for me and my wife because of my job. The two that did quote were ridiculously expensive (I expected that would be the case though to be honest). :roll:
Also helps when you select that you have been driving company cars for X amount of years....... signed work ticket = car ..covered by company insurance.....

wiped loads of my quote.
I've been with them for over 7 yrs and always as HM Forces, no problems. Have you used a BFPO address? sometimes insurance companies are reluctant to insure you in this instance, which is still wrong.
For what its worth telling firms you are a police driver is reputed to put your premiums up, especially as every minor dink in a job motor will be investigated and reported by a supervisor so must be declared.

I wouldn't claim to be a 'professional' if you aren't. I don't intend any offence, but what they mean is doctors, vets, lawyers, architects etc - being the thieving gypos they are they will look for any excuse not to pay out in the event of the claim and you would end up not being covered.
Ive been with direct line for over 5 years now and have got it down as HM forces, beware of another thread on this a few months ago regarding not being insured if on certain areas of a camp though in the small print. It was debated on the other thread, I will have a look sometime and try and find it).
I have been with them for years and I'm down as HM Forces SNCO or Officer.

Their car insurance division seems to be changing its portfolio as recently they have become expensive so I have shifted. I am still with them for house insurance and when I phoned them last week to say they were more expensive than Tescos insurance I got an instant 25% off!

Have you tried ringing them, I believe its the same rates

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