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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Litotes, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. I have renewed my car insurance with Direct Line but was surprised to find the following addition to their definitions which might catch out some of us:

    I might pursue this in slow time because, I would argue, the general public does not have access to any military base - so I can never be covered whilst driving or parked on a base.

    Direct Line has had a clause about not covering accidents on a military airfield for years which hadn't caused me any concern (I try and stay away from blue jobs...) but this additional clause has made me think that they could wheedle out of a claim if I had an accident on camp.

    Has anyone any experience, good or bad, in this area?

  2. Its bollox really. Your car is better off on a Mil base as it is less likely to be nicked.
  3. It most likely means areas such as ranges or bomb depots rather than outside your MQ or Camp car park.
  4. Theyre an nsurance company - it will mean whatever suits them at the time.
  5. Off thread slightly but some companies actually offer better rates for cars kept in Army barracks.

    Just don't ask me to name them!!
  6. It is quite common insurance companies as a whole will exclude as much as possible to avoid paying out. Phone them up and get the clause removed otherwise you are technically uninsured the minute you enter any military base.

    Hence if you have an accident you are buggered and may well end up liable for any damage to the third party.
  7. I questioned them on that when I renewed my car insurance, they basically mean you cant take the car down to the ranges for example as if it gets hit then you wont get anything for it, but if its kept on the car park outside the mess/accomodation then its covered.
  8. Do you have that in black and white??

  9. No, I was going to try and get it written but as I stopped working and living on the camp (or even going anywhere near one) a few days after I renewed I never bothered, so Im afraid its heresay until someone can get it in writing.

    But Im sure if I was given that reply someone else would be able to get the same/similar answers from them and as 'all calls are recorded' you should be able to get it in black and white.

    Editted to add having thought about it they would probably say that the terms already make it clear that in car parks/outside accomodation they things in an area the public would be allowed access to (since Im not aware of many members of the public being allowed to play on ranges or in many of the training areas of most camps without extra clearances), plus at the time I was civdiv - NAAFI staff so in my case would have argued that I was said public so only had access to areas the public were allowed in.
  10. You have to remember you arent just insuring your vehicle against theft but damage as well.

    Have you not noticed the link between high priority terrorist targets and high insurance? Car thefts in Northern Ireland are now equal with the mainland, however the premiums are still higher due to the threat of rioting and (still - they havent gone away) IEDs.
  11. Forces Financial Motor Insurance covers your vehicle whilst you are on base and we can also include Airside and Portside cover if required. We have a panel of over 25 leading insurers, so we can really find you the right policy at the right price!

    Also from 1st Jan 2008 we are including with every new car insurance policy FREE breakdown cover for the first year (also covering military bases).

    Call 00800 7676 7777 or buy online at

    Forces Financial is a trading name of Stuart Harvey Insurance Brokers Limited who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registration Number 301858. Registered Office: Globe House, 24 Turret Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 1DL. Registered in England & Wales, Registration Number 4224318.
  12. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I had a similar problem with car insurance when i worked at boscombe Down. The road there crosses the runway, similar to brize which i think does something along the far end, but boscombe is straight across the middle.

    Car insurer refused to include it and company refused to insure it....hence I spent 3 days parking on the north side and ringing up my boss to arrange a works car to come and pick me up.....then work decided they would cover me.;)
  13. The majority of motor policies don't cover damage due to terrorist activity or riots ('civil commotion' as the insurers put it) anyway.

    Higher premiums in NI were not caused by an increased risk due to terrorism or riots, but were actually largely due to two reasons - firstly, the rate of injury claims following RTAs being substantially higher than on the mainland. Even a minor fender-bender tends to result in a claim for whiplash at the least; everyone here calls the PSNI for the most trivial accident (and they attend) to minimise exposure to such bogus claims and subsequent litigation. Secondly, the higher rate of serious RTAs resulting in death and serious injuries in NI.

    I suspect that premiums are still higher in NI (though the difference is not as great as it was). Effective traffic policing was not always possible during the Troubles, but the PSNI now have a much more visible roads policing presence; drinking and driving was very common but is now less so. Nonetheless, I still see very many people not wearing seat belts and the standard of driving is often appalling, especially in rural areas. Add drivers from the Republic who don't understand the concepts of motorways, mirrors and indicators, and it's easy to see why insurance premiums are higher.

    That said, in most areas of NI car crime is much less of a problem than on the mainland.

    Maybe the mainland's prmiums are catching up rather than ours coming down?