Direct Entry UKSF

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by boredcivvy, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. waaaaah.
  2. Bootnecks are not Special Forces though
  3. They're commandos, and "green berets" just like the links you posted. If the Aussies call them special forces then thats up to them.

  4. I think they are classed as Tier 1 Special Forces though just like the Aussie SASR
  5. Just read the Australian job description. Same as RM.

    You want me to say that the bootnecks are SF dont you? DONT YOU?
  6. Go on I dare you :D
  7. Where as the 'green berets' in the US are regarded as SF, the Royal Marines are in the UK are not, contrary to them having a green lid ;)
  8. not at all, its just that Aussie commando's are classed as SF within the Aussie Army and get paid alot more than a soldier in the Aussie Army, whereas RM get the same as a Line Infantry.
  9. So blokes from 1 Rifles are Royal Marines?
  10. I used to hang around with a lot of 'Green Beret's' on a cushy Op many years ago. Nice guys but only really struck me as advanced Infantry and not SF in the true sense.

    We had a VERY hard Para Colour (call him HB) with us and he scared them shitless (Me too). Any way HB just used to laugh at them when they tried to big themselves up. He managed to do a few jumps with them (from blackhawks) and they were hopeless (His quote not mine)

    They did there annual trek thing (similar to the CFT) but it wasn't squadded, they had walkmans and it was at their own pace as long as they did it in the alloted time, which IIRC was normal 4mph pace.

    Would UKSF suffer?, I suspect it would as several years of valuable experience wouldn't be there for guys directly entering that would have been gained at Bn or Regt level.
  11. I'm not saying RM are not highly capable soldiers (marines) or that their training isn't the longest, best, most arduous available in the UK Armed Forces (from a civvy to a trained rank perspective), but I am saying that within the Western Military they are not classed as SF whereas the Aussie Commando' are classed as SF, hence their advanced training, extra pay etc

  12. ............ do you think this direct UKSF entry system would work well for the UK?