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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by richy4, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. I am joining as an officer through a RTC (Donnington). Just wondered if anyone else had doen this or did you go through a local unit?

    Whats the deal at a RTC do they become your 'unit' whilst your doing your modules? Dish out your kit etc?
  2. Depends on the RTC.

    They are suposed to do that, but some (most) are not scaled to be able to do that so they may 'farm' you out to a local unit that they have an agreement with. Not usually a drama unless you then get forgotten about and dropped through the cracks.

    So you would be a DETAPO, but with a Sandhurst capbadge not a unit one.
  3. I know this RTC pretty well - good place. Just be a bit cautious about the DETAPO route; you'll be doing your TAPO training with people who have military knowledge and you may well find it hard going not having any prior experience.
    The truth is, the training is set up for people who have done the CMSR 1 and 2 before embarking on the Mod 2 and 3 course. Just be aware of that - it might be wiser for you to do your basic training with a unit and then go TAPO. Depends on your outlook, but a lot of units prefer people to do this and you are certainly more useful to your unit afterwards
    PM me if you want any more info - if you're looking at that RTC you're in the same brigade area as me and I'll be happy to advise.
  4. There are three methods of becoming an officer in the TA. One option is to join the Direct Entry TA Potential Officer (DETAPO) scheme. Secondly, if you commission in the Officer Training Corps, you can transfer your commission to the TA. Thirdly, you would start out in the ranks and then go for a commission as an officer.

    The DETAPO Scheme is run by Regional Training Centres (RTCs). The scheme is split into five modules which consist of a series of training weekends and residential camps.

    Module 1 – Core Skills. This module is delivered over 14 days at RTCs and through MTQ1 at the UOTCs. It teaches basic TA soldier military skills. It also includes initial officer development, focusing upon officer ethos and culture, and the basic requirements of leadership.

    Module 2 – Leadership Skills. This module is delivered over 10 weekends at RTCs and through MTQ2 at the UOTCs, introducing the principles of leadership and management skills in the field.

    Module 3 – Tactical Skills. This is a 9-day battle camp of tactical leadership and management skills in the field, delivered by RTCs.

    Module 4 – Commissioning Course. The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst three-week Territorial Army Commissioning Course. It is a tough, physically and mentally challenging course. It is described in detail in an article in the Dragoon Journal 2004-2007 by 2Lt R Goodbody: you can download it from our Library.

    After successful completion of Module 4, the Officer Cadet is commissioned.

    a good article on the TA Commissioning Course can be found here:
  5. |Thanks for the info guys, my sponsor has advised me to go the RTC route. I have been talking to a local unit to me and want to keep them in the loop as I go but would prefer to do my training at the RTC.

    Thanks Green_Wellies PM on the way
  6. Hi richy 4 I work in this area and if you send me a PM I will give you all the info and contact details you need
  7. PM sent
  8. I'm afraid to say that this article is now quite out of date; the course was changed substantially after TACC073 and I would imagine that it has now gone through several revisions.
  9. ok so I have been told i have to do Mod 1 through my unit then mod 2 onwards is at RTC.
    with mod 1 i know I have to do the 6 weekends, but do I still need to do the 2 week course at the end or can I skip that and go straight onto mod 2?
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Ask at your unit and/or RTC. Anything posted on here is someone's opinion - how will you know whether their opinion is close to the facts unless you know that they are employed in your unit/RTC?
  11. Mod 1 is basic training. Almost everyone now does soldier basic training which is equivalent to Mod 1. I believe that it is only London District that offers a Mod 1 - Donnington, I know, does not.

    Your info is duff however as you can't 'do' Mod 1 at your unit as such, only RTCs offer this other than exceptional Units (The Duke may be at one).

    What they probably mean is that your Unit needs to book you on a Phase 1(A) at the RTC. They will then train you. At that point you can progress to Mod 2 (assuming you have completed AOSB Briefing).

    PS - Officers rarely write an 'I' as 'i' and use capital letters where appropriate and consistently.
  12. True, Mod 1 appears to be Ph 1. I did Summer Leader with London District a while ago, the Mod 1 phase of that was actually the Ph 1 phase of a Summer Challenge, with OCdts leaving to do Mods 2 and 3 whilst the Recruits did the CIC(TA) phase.

    Can OCdts opt to do CIC at any stage? Just thinking out loud after what Green Wellies has said. You obviously get time in the field on your Mods and on PTC/PCBC, but I had already done CSM(R) and CIC(TA) and spent some time in a Coy in a previous incarnation before going the officer route and think it helped enormously - you know what its like to be the private soldiers your Pl is made up of, and concentrating far more on your estimate and orders and such than on the basic skills right. Opening up CIC(TA) to OCdts could be worthwhile...
  13. I have the latest copy of the RMAS courses summary and no RTC offers Module 1. There are too few TAPOs joining so it isn't possible to run one.

    The clever idea when the Modular system started was that each RTC would run one per year. That idea was bad in so many ways and didn't survive contact with the OTWs. All the RTCs quietly ignored it. LDRTC said that as soon as it had enough TAPOs, we would run a Mod 1 but until then would send DETAPOS to do CMS (R). We have never had more than half a dozen ready to start (often now we have just one) so we still use TSC Inf for initial training.

    The minimum training that a TAPO must do to join the LDRTC Module 2 course is TSC Inf or TSC A + B for OA & S. There is no need from our point of view for infantry candidates to do CIC. Ideally they would attend it but each 2 week course takes a big share of annual leave (and MTDs) and can put back commissioning for another year for many.

    We will not take applicants who have only done the 6 weekends of TSC A. We took a few on one course in 2009 and was a bad, bad thing. All our units know that TAPOs do the extra three infantry weekends if they haven't already done TSC B.

    And while writing about Module 2 courses, there are three vacancies remaining on the LDRTC Module 2 course which starts on 6-7 and 20-28 March. If you are a TAPO and meet the entry criteria, you could still commission in 2010. PM me if you are interested in taking a place.
  14. ...albeit not required by RMAS and out of step with the rest of the country. I have no doubt that you believe this to be the correct course but it's when people start making up the rules for themselves that inconsistency of training delivery, information, and common syllabus starts to appear. As the number of Mod 2 and 3 courses diminish, as they are planned to do, such regional variances make it difficult for people to move between training centres to complete their course.

    There is an approved course content from Sandhurst. Can't we just stick to it?
  15. So not being part of an Inf unit, would I need to do the 6 weekends and then go on the 2 week camp before I start mod 2?