Direct Entry from the ranks (NOT RCB thread!)

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Tubbyboy, Apr 6, 2005.

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  1. I hope this is the right place to ask these questions...

    I am currently in a trade where I have been steadily getting more and more hacked off as time goes on. As a result of this I am now looking into trying for a DE commission.

    This is for several reasons:

    1. The Army has, from day one in the AFCO tried to push me towards this route (I didn't want to as you cannot be commissioned directly into the trade I am in now).

    2. I can't see many other OR trades that I would be interested in. There are only a couple.

    And 3. I am still young enough to try for it and if I wait too long for the people above me to die so I can have their shoes, I will be too old for DE.

    Now my questions are these:

    As my trade is higher band and I am class one, my pay is really not too shabby at all. Would I lose out financially as the pay for an O/Cdt is fairly woeful (I would have to drop c.9000 pa), or under PAY2K do I keep my current pay level?

    Secondly, as I will be married soon and living in an OR MQ, I have heard on the jungle drums that my better half would be able to keep it while I am away at RMAS. Is this true?

    Third but by no means least, if I were to get through RCB and on to RMAS but failed through injury for example, is that my entire career fcuked?

    I know that trying for, and failing, RCB means that you can go back to your old job but beyond that is that the point of no return, either you get through Sandhurst or you're out?

    I would be very grateful for any advice/opinions on this.
  2. Speaking as one who did the same a few years ago
    If you need any more advice then feel free to PM me.
  3. Go for it, if you don't you will be thinking what if for years and then end up trying for LE.
  4. My god - can it be true? An ARRSEr (Tubbyboy) seeks knowledge - and he gets a completely accurate and truthful answer from another ARRSEr (Sonic) straight out of the gates!

    No burbling crap. No idiotic shite. No insane attention whore posting 'ironic fcuking wink smilies'. I'm frankly fcuking amazed. Good drills Sonic - and good luck Fat bloke. :D
  5. Cheers Calypso but I'm not actually fat (well maybe a bit) - my name refers more to my trade - see if you can work it out... :wink:
  6. On this note your career will run in parrallel - if you are due to go in front of a promotion board this will continue.

    I don't know if you are overseas, but you may not wish to leave her there. You should be able to apply for a surplus MQ nearer to Camberley (but not on the RMAS patch). You wont be able to live out.

    As said before, not fcuked... your injury would be treated on the Academy Y List - a specialist rehab pl that will fix you. If you are so fcuked that you have to leave the Army so be it, but you would be allowed to take up to a year to get fixed - ideally you should not be at RMAS more than 2 years in total (although others have).

    There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to return to your trade (if not your unit)... in my experience no one has had to.

    And don't forget the seniority benefits - 1/2 a years seniority for each year of servuice up to a maximum of 4 years seniority which will put you on a par with graduates for promotion and career prospects.

    pm me if you wish and I can put you in touch with some guys currently on the course with similar concerns.
  7. Thanks barbs, very good info. At the minute I am just at the planning stage for several reasons - one of which is that I need to get my fitness in hand 8O

    One question for everyone though, do you go through Sandhurst promised to a certain Regt/Corps or can this change depending on where the manpower shortages occur? I personally would like to go to the Int Corps so would I see them in the first instance?

    On the same sort of theme, how do I go about starting the whole process off? Who do I see etc?

    A question that isn't troubling me is that having read previous posts I know ALL about the RCB lol :D
  8. I think your current cap-badge would rather you stayed with them, for obvious reasons. You can try for a re-badge if you meet the criteria for selection (Int favour people with languages or skills they can use) and it's best to try and get a commitment from them prior to joining the Cse, but there are opportunities to go to RMAS under one "sponsor" and then be commissioned to another cap-badge.
  9. Cheers woopert - I can't stay with my current cap-badge because there is no such thing as a DE commission in my Corps. All the officers are LE having worked their way up through to WO1. I am interested in Int Corps primarily because I have language skills (albeit more than a little rusty). Would I approach them in the first place or do I see someone else first?
  10. There is currently someone in the intermediate term who commutes to the Academy daily from his MQ. I dont know if there are special circumstances surrounding this, if not then the precedent has been set so you should be able to do the same.
  11. Probably easier on both of us if I just see her when I can and live in - she is quite prepared for this as that is what we expected to have to do anyway.
  12. Fat bloke

    I kept my rat infested pad up north when I was at RMAS. Lots of good reasons why:

    1. You can concentrate on the course.
    2. You can play up how hard the course is - and get sympathy when you get home.
    3. You can get super-minging a lot more with your chums.

    It's just a lot better. A mate of mine got a pad in Deepcut (LOL) and he had a shite time - always had to try and fit in a home life around the course - never going to happen!

    Mind you, I was a filthy blade-running uber-swot. :D
  13. Thats what I was thinking - too much hassle to try to balance both at the same time.

    You never know I might even lose weight before the course as you are starting to give me a complex about being fat :D

    Although then again, went to tailors to get measured up for new ceremonials today and he did ask me if my weight fluctuates and if I was going through a heavy stage 8O 8O
  14. You need a sponsor regt to get to RMAS if yours doesn't have DE offrs (RAVC/RADC?). All Army entrants go through the same process known as the Choice of Arm procedure. It is convoluted, to say the least, but in short:

    You receive a brief on the process
    You then get an intro to the Arms and Services over three days of briefings and static stands
    You then have to select 4 areas of interest (INF, RAC etc) wiothout having to specify exactly where you go.
    You then go to an expression of interest evening at which you meet representatives from the four choices you have made, and if you want even more.
    Once that has been done you have to reduce your choices down to 2 (3 if you choose AAC) but have to be specific (RTR rather than RAC).
    That is all done in 8 weeks.

    You then get he opportunity to cinduct 3 visits (1 in 1st term and 2 in 2nd term). You can change your 2 (or 3) but this is not advisable to do too often as people will start to get prickly.

    At the start of your 3rd term are the selection boards. At the end of the 2nd term the boards will have decided who they are going to take to the boards (max 2 Ocdts to each commission available) and then at the boards or shortly after they make an offer.
    You have 10 days to accept your offer(s).

    If you have been rejected by all 3 of your choices you will go in front of a placement board who will allocate you to a corps or regt who will have to accept you.

    My advice is get cosy early and make yourself an ideal candidate for the regts or corps of your choice. The longer you are left making decisions th eworse your chance.

    To get started speak to your OC/CO and they will have to initiate a report on your suitability for commission.