Direct entry from TA??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Saphireskies, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know how long you have to serve in the TA before you can get direct entry to regulars?
    I asked at my unit but been given so many different answers, from 2 to 6 years. I cant join up from scratch coz I've developed a medical condition so wont pass entry medical but I'm ok to carry on in TA as didn't have it when I joined up, hoping to pass over to regs eventually :)
  2. Hi.

    I dont know you're medical condition but if you can't join up "from scratch" what makes you think you can from serving time in TA!?

    I am a Cpl in TA. Have been for 6 yrs and been on Op Telic 2 at 18 in 2003. I have to go to selection like every other recruit and have a FULL REGULAR ARMY MEDICAL before proceeding. STANDARD.

    Its been confirmed that I go straight to phs 2 as Im already MATT trained.

    I don't know exact time you need to be serving...think it depends on personal circumstances.

    As I said I dont know ur med cond. so you need to speak to your PSI or equivelent and find out fro ACIO.
  3. What is the score with going from TA to regs, i've heard a lot of people mention going straight to phase 2 after selection and medical etc, i've been in just over 5 years and have done 1 op tour and likely to be going on a second quite shortly.

    Also if this route is available who do you go through?
  4. If you're not fit enough to enter the regs, how are you fit enough to do the job with the TA? Please don't take this as a dig, I'm just interested to see how your unit justify it.
  5. If you are serving in the TA and want to go Regular then there is only one way you can do it, and officially that is through a recruiting office.

    There is no such thing as direct entry apart from the S Type engagements which are contractual and agreed by Glasgow.

    Every TA soldier i have ever dealt with has had to do selection (lets face it until recently none of them had done one for the TA! ) and then some form of phase 1 training, be it accelerated or standard CMS(R)
  6. The fact that you didn't have it when you joined the TA may be the case. However, you have now developed this condition, whatever it is, which may mean that you will need to be medical boarded and which may result in your being downgraded.

    Even if you do not reveal this condition now, when you next have a PULHHEEMS, as you will on a regular basis throughout your service, both regular and TA, it is likely that it will be discovered then.

    There appears to be a complete misunderstanding with regards to medical entry standards in the TA. It is exactly the same as the regulars.

    As for direct entry to the regulars it will be a case of visiting your local recruiting office and starting from scratch, Day 1 Week 1, although I am aware that there have been some TA soldiers who have converted to regular service after continuous FTRS contracts for several years.
  7. a mate of mine from my unit has trust joined the regs from TA. he did his selection and just waiting for a start date for Phase 2..he doesn't need to do phase 1 as he's done it in the TA!!!

    i tried this but was told at the ACIO that i would have to start from scratch!!!

    it seems to me it all depends who your careers officer is and what attitude he has!!!!

  8. What a load of bollocks, it all depends on what you have done with the TA and are wishing to join. It also depends on what Glasgow says. The recruiters have set rules on all this. So their attitude does not come into it.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    S Types were binned in about 1999.

  10. well everytime, i've tried to join the regs or transfer from TA..i've been messed about so i gave up on chasing my dream!!! i guess it just wasn't ment to be!!

    no dis-respect to army recruiters!!
  11. Can be done we've had 2 x Sgts move across to regs retaining rank. Oe had to do reg trade test just to show he was capable, he's now a staffy.

    Also had a few JNCos move across, again keeping rank. However all had good reports from Op Tours/FTRS etc. and the Reg Corps was keen to have them.

    Just shows it can be done if your TA unit and Regs are interested.
  12. I am dealing with two S Type engagements applications at the moment.
  13. No they werent, we still use them and in the 8 or so years recruiting i have had, they have been used often ;)