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I have just signed up to talktalk for t'internet and landline. Got my 1st bill today higher than it should be as I had to pay a connection fee. No issues with that. My issue is this: the payment is to be taken by direct debit halfway through the month. Financially it isn't a major hindracne as my monetary skills have come a long way since I was young squaddie in Germany insofar as I now appreciate that money doesnt grow on trees and NAAFI chargecards are extortionate. I just prefer that all financial obligations are met on the 1st working day of each month as its a bit easier. I contacted talktalk and got through to a call centre in Capetown in S Africa (seriously) and the lady who was very helpful said that talktalk dont have a scheme whereby you the customer can insist on changing payment dates! Any and every other company I deal woth be it Natwest for my mortgage or Equity for my car insurance have all been obliging when I have asked to change the date of payment.
Right thats the boring bit. Now could anyone advise me if a company is legally obliged to allow a customer to dictate when direct debit payments are made as long as payment is made on time or if as seems to be the case here they aren't I have never heard of a company refusing this. Any advice would be appreciated.

I don't know if companies can be legally obliged to change direct debit dates but you must be able to set up another direct debit with them. Just contact them stating you are changing your bank and need to change the direct debit.
Good contribution Wendy. Are you the automated voice on those GPS thingies that people have in their cars these days?
easiest thing to do is...cancel the direct debit, phone talk talk and tell them you have done this. when the bill comes through i assume you have a payment slip attached? if you do then you can pay using this everytime, or you can take the sort code and account number from it and set up a standing order to be paid every month on the day you reques. i hope this helps fella.
wendypollman said:
Direct Debit is the simplest way to pay your household bills or make regular or occasional payments.
wendypollman said:
Thanks for that pearl of wisdom. I am well aware of the advantages of DD payment. :roll:
cloudbuster said:
I rather get the impression that Wendy's trying to sell something.
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I tried to do this with orange for my son.

It always came out on the 30th and as the bills were sometimes £200+Being a 19 year old it was not always there.

I phoned up and they were really not going to budge.30th,End of.
So he now as to pay extra for paying over the counter.


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Being the boring financial services person that I am I know that the company are not legally obliged to change the due date at the customer request. Only way to change it if the company are being awkward about it is to set up a standing order (as per previous poster). You will need the account number and sort code for talk talk and the reference will need to be your account number, or they will never find it.

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