Direct Action - Council made to empty bins

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. This is the way to do it! Direct action is the only way to get things done. The point about actions like this, is that as an individual you can be targeted or punished, but if a whole street turns out there is not much the police or council can do. Mass action is required. The council in my area are due to go on strike next week, on bin day. If my bin isn't emptied next week, then I am considering depositing the contents outside the Council offices. On my own, I'd be prosecuted as a fly tipper, but if a few hundred threatened it, the council would back down. Likewise, with this nonsense about being fined bins with the lid up an inch too high - if a whole village put the bins out too full, and refused to pay the fine, the system would fall to bits.

    Wonder how long it is before ZaNu Liabour make it an offence to disobey a "public sector worker", punishable by a longer stretch in prison than for stabbing someone. As another afterthought, I bet the council will be spying on the residents to try and get them for something or other in revenge...

  2. Power to the people !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great stuff.

    The wheels are coming off!
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Back before we had a private contractor mine were regularly missed due to them being lazy gits so I threatened to call the press and deliver my rubbish in person to the town clercks office. Result bins emptied every week and checked. Now with a private company we can snitch on them for being lazy! I still have had to threaten to deliver my rubbish to the private contractoes local office to get things moving though!
  5. Thin edge of the wedge!!! more people will start to protest at the cr*p service they are paying for!
    Whilst plod did not do much in this case wait for the heavy boot of the 'law' to come crashing down on anyone who dares to stand up for better services.
  6. So... collective action works.

    I'm all for that :D
  7. The binmen who collect from my patch are fcuking useless, every monday morning is the same, bags have been dragged out and if they tear and spill they just Fcuk off and leave them :x :x They do as little as possible and finish at lunch, lazy council c*nts. Well done to the residents in this piece, fcuking well give it to them. Pr1cks :twisted:
  8. Not a fan then? :D
  9. Ours have an annoying habit of refusing to empty bins that they consider 'too full' and any additional bin bags left at the side of your bin get left there as 'rules is rules mate and it's more than my jobs worth'. Similarly, on 're-cycling day' they will leave any tins, papers or bottles which they drop when in the process of emptying your bin into the bac of their truck. Bin men are becoming more full of their own 'self-importance' because of all of this nonsense surrounding refuse issues. The simply ignore the fact that athey are bin-men (refuse technicians) because they are too f*cking thick for anything else.
  10. Don't tell us Biscuits - it's worst in Newcastle!

    Bonne chance à la révolution. Une mort douloureuse lente à ceux qui mènent ce chaos.
  11. They don't have bin men in certain parts of Newcastle. They just live in their own sh*t.
  12. I love it when people quote the "rules is rules" thing. I then ask for their details and "whom I should contact to see a copy of these so called rules?" and that "I will raise this with my District Councillor who I happen to be on very good terms with" (It helps if you know his/her name). I also say that I am recording their refusal to take the item/s on this occasion (and any previous occasions).

    If they want to get all officious you just have to stick it to them with the same attitude. Once they understand you are aware of how the system works they suddenly get nice as pie.
    Fortunately our current lot of bin men will take just about anything and don't get all shirty because the bin isn't precisely in the right place or the lid is up a bit.

    Incidentally our local district councillor just happens to be Leader of the Council, so even the bin men have heard of him.
  13. Daft it comes to this.

    I would use horse drawn bin wagons, and use those criminals who don´t require locking up for protection of the public to collect the rubbish daily.

    Those in prison could then sort it for recycling.

    Fcuking SIMPLE really.

    And people who are on the dole.
  14. There's an evergrowing band of Labour MPs who might argue the toss with you on that one.
  15. I wouldnt have a problem with the fortnightly collections if the recycling was up to scratch. They refuse to take plastic, cardboard, veg peelings or garden rubbish (the latter you have to pay an extra £27 a year for a green bin!). When I phoned to complain they just said the recycling lorries were not equipped to take everything and it would be too expensive to replace them. Ive already had a nice bright red sticker on my black bin warning me that they wont take it next time unless the lid is completely down. Its madness!