Dippsy at school

It was at St Hilda’s Girl School in the wood, a very high class school in deed. During the run up to the Battle of Britain celebrations they started to study the Battle of Britain as part of their curriculum. As part of this study the head teacher invited Sqn Leader David “Dippsy” Drummond, a survivor of the battle and some 70 years old to impart his experiences of the battle to the school.

The girls were duly assembled in the great hall and the head introduced Dippsy to the girls. Without further ado the head sits down and Dippsy starts his talk, explaining about squadrons, wings and all things RAF. After a little while he was describing the tactics of the RAF and the Luftwaffe and how they would dive out of the sun on the un-suspecting young pilots of the gallant RAF. “Beware of the Hun in the sun” he told them and went on to describe how as a young pilot he was caught out by such an attack.

“I was flying at 20,000 ft when all of a sudden this Fokker came blasting out of the sun”, at which point the head mistress leaps up and says to the girls “ I must stress girls that during the war the Germans had an airplane called a Fokker” to which Dippsy replied, “Madam you are perfectly correct but this Fokker was a Messerschmitt!!!”
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