Dipping my feet in and hoping theres no bullets coming.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Moonraker1, May 31, 2007.

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  1. OK guys I've been lurking for months now and enjoyed all yer prattle so decided to post. I don't know if its normal to introduce myself but thought it might help me to settle the nerves.
    Don't want to be known as a Walt :D (Its taken me weeks to work out what that was). Anyway in for a penny 'cause theres no pounds to spare.
    I did do a little time in the army but not a lot. Got called up as a National serviceman and then enlisted for 3 years because the money was better and I could choose what I wanted to go in. I wanted to be a gentleman of the Royal Engineers and National servicemen got put anywhere so it was worth it. I served King and country (Yes there was a king on the throne then but only for a short time then HM the Queen took over.) After the statatury 16 weeks sapper training I was posted to Minden in Germany and then for a while to Berlin. In Berlin we were holding back the Bolshevic Whores. So thats my short sharp history don't bollock me for coming all over unnessesary cause I can get pissed off with the best of em. Good to be amonst friends ..............I hope.
  2. Welcome to ARRSE.

    Feel free to slag people off. 3 years is better than nothing.

    King!!!! Gosh, you really are an old git aren't you?
  3. Welcome to ARRSE Moonraker. No doubt there'll be incoming but if you survived trg NCOs in National Service (my great-grandpappy tells me they were nasty) then this lot should seem like pussycats :)
  4. Welcome to Arrse

    Dont forget to visit the forum for Royal Engineers, there's guys on there talking about when they parachuted in to Pegasus Bridge during D-Day. so you're probably a sprog to them.

    Have Fun
  5. Old? Feck! He's older than I am, and that's pretty bloody old ....

    Welcome anyway Moonraker.

    Pull up a riser-recliner in the oldies corner with the rest of us. Just follow your nose to the stink of stale pish and digestive biccies ;-)

  6. Good choice with Gods Corp....there Moonraker1... oh and welcome to arrse... now get yer arse over to the sappers forum and get the beers in..... :) yer crated for lurking for too long.. :thumright:
  7. Herzlich willkommen bei ARRSE, alter, and greetings from a fellow Mindener, although some 30-odd years later.

    Also, congratulations on figuring out the wonders of the internet - mind you, take heed, surfing for porn can be detrimental to your health!!! :wink:
  8. And there was me in Berlin waiting for the Bolshvic Hoardes to arrive, If they told me it was whores, I would not have asked for a posting.

    The german whores were just as good though.

    Welcome Moonraker 1.

  9. Welcome Moonraker 1.

    We've pulled the sandbags up, how about spinning some stories for Naafi - whores are always a good place to start :D

    Click here > RE and have a butchers round the Sappers forum.

  10. Howdo, Moonraker 1. Don't worry about the age thing, some of the folk on here remember facing the SS - and I don't mean the Stenna Stairlift!