Diplomats slam Blair on Mid-East


More than 50 former British diplomats have signed a letter to Tony Blair criticising his Middle East policy.
The 52 ambassadors said it was time for the prime minister to start influencing America's "doomed" policy in the Middle East or stop backing it.

They told Mr Blair they had "watched with deepening concern" as Britain followed the US lead in Iraq and Israel and called for a debate in Parliament.

No 10 said Mr Blair would be replying to the letter in due course.
Yeah right.

Maybe if these 50 diplomats had found their gonads before the war started , things might have been different.

As it is , The revered leader (may the light of his countenance etc etc) will put this one through the Spinner , and of course , will arrive at 50 diplomats support his policies

or something like that.
Just thought of another benediction for the UberBlairfuhrer

"May the moist palms of a thousand plump virgins caress his plums unto eternity"
Like everything else TBliar (praise be upon his name!) does, he will ignore this letter and truly believe the path he takes is the righteous one. He will follow Bush dilligently and blindly. I forsee that this fiasco in Iraq may come to haunt us for years to come.
Bliar will, in time, follow Jose Maria Aznar into obscurity. Probably not long after Bush is kicked out as Bush may well open quite a can of worms with his self-justifying remarks, probably revealing discussions about going to war in 2002. Bliar is on the run from a referendum, his ME policy and the Iraq war...that's why he was talking about immigration today!
bernoulli said:
Just thought of another benediction for the UberBlairfuhrer

"May the moist palms of a thousand plump virgins caress his plums unto eternity"
As an alternative, how about "May his earholes turn to arrseholes and sh1t all down his neck". :lol:


Just watched Sky, Bliars spin doctors have manged to deflect the letter as a moan of has beens and armchair diplomats. But then again no suprise there.

The prime minister has not endorsed US foreign policy as more than 50 former UK diplomats have suggested, according to the Labour chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee.

Donald Anderson MP, told BBC 2's Newsnight programme that Tony Blair did not support Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to unilaterally disengage with the Palestinians as President George W Bush has done.

Newsnight's political correspondent Martha Kearney, has said that government sources have dismissed the ex-diplomats as the 'camel corps' - officials previously based in Arab countries who have gone native
LOL Camel Corps - His Imperial Blairness (All hail his magnificence etc etc) just won't listen to anyone will he. Maybe it's because God speaks to him direct? Who knows? Roll on 2005

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