At Muster parade one morning the Sgt brings the men to attention and says "Pte Jones one pace forward." Pte Jones does as he is told, the Sgt then says "Jones, your mothers died, now get back in line."
Pte Jones is obviously devastated by the news.
A watching CO sees what happens and when parade is over he takes the Sgt to one side and says "Sgt, that was very bad form and not becoming of someone of your rank, in future please try to use some diplomacy,"
The Sgt assures the CO he will and marches off.

Some time later at muster parade, the Sgt has some more bad news, but remembers the CO's words, he brings the men to attention and says "all of you who have a mother and a father take one step forward...... where the f***in hell do you think your going Pte Smith!"
I laughed till I cried. Every one in the office thought I was nuts! :D

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