Diploma in emergency and primary healthcare 5403

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by mack10, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. I have ADSC in 2 weeks time and my 1st choice is a CMT. I've been reading through the threads here and a lot say a paramedic job after leaving probably won't happen. My recruiter gave me the whole story about this diploma and how it'll be useful after service but I'm now left wondering what exactly it is and if would help for even 'getting your foot in the door' on a paramedic job?
  2. Off shore medic mack10 or Hospital Porter
  3. I think you are running before you can walk. Look at what you want to do now and focus on that.
  4. There is also another qualification available which can be used as a route to the Paramedic Science degree if that's what you really want. However, you have a long journey ahead of you before you hit Keogh (Phase 2). Focus on looking forward to ADSC and Phase 1.

    Other than that I'd say if you really wanna do proper 'Medical stuff' day to day, join as a Nurse.
  5. thanks for the replies, that offshore medic stuff looks like good money! Have to make the choice between CMT and infantry within the next few days, decisions decisions lol
  6. I was infantry for almost 10yr and transferred to the RAMC. I am now a fully HPC IHCD registered and qualified paramedic with a post grad cert in delivering healthcare in austere environments.

    This isn't meant as a big time post, it is meant to encourage you and let you know these quals and doors are open for you but you will need to work hard for them. Don't be put off by anyone or let them make your choice for you, its completely upto you and nobody else. Hope some of this helps mate pm me if you need any other info. All the best.

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  7. According to the Corp Badge, 400 CMTs will be earmarked for paramedic qualification soon.

    where are they gonna get 400 CMTs from? and i was fed the old paramedic qualification pish when i joined 19 years ago and it still never materialised (unless your lucky enough to serve at MSU)