Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Gundulph, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone have experience with building these things? I am thinking about knocking one up for my son for Christmas, maybe base it on one of the Call of Duty Maps, if anyone has any Top Tips/Pics of Dioramas they have made etc. could you post below...

    Appreciated :wink:
  2. Depends what your after, as geeky as it sounds im a dab hand at military modelling. Let me know what you are thinking and I will give you some ideas on resources/materials/limitations etc.
  3. He likes Call of Duty 5... I was thinking maybe to try and build the scene with based on the Seelow Map... I've never built a Diorama and the last Airfix type model I built was around 1975 when I was 7! Do you think this may be a Diorama Too Far :?

    Here is the Map, just found in Google, looks quite complicated?

  4. That looks like it would have to be done on about an 4 ft by 6ft board if you wanted any real kind of detail to it. But as was said earlier - depends on the scale you are looking at. That would be a very ambitious, but rewarding project.
  5. I think the only feasible scale would be very small like 1:76 ?

    Obviously it won't look exactly like that but if I can get the basics in that he knows and will recognise i.e. the railway embankment and bridges, not sure about that tunnel below though?! maybe a pull out section could be possible.
  6. Cheers Mr_Deputy, I can relate to Plaster having broken 4 bones and also from my 'Leak, Seal & Packaging of Chemical Munitions' days in 33 8O
  7. So that's what dioramas are! I always thought they were just designer jim-jams. You live and learn.

  8. The easiest way of doing it would be to mount a thick layer of polystyrene onto an MDF board and use a hot wire cutter to cut into the material. Once this has been cut to the desired shape you can use PVA glue and sand to give it texture before painting. Alternatively you could use moddelling "flock". Depends on if you want a desert or temperate environment.
  9. depending on your available space/funds/attention span
    you could do a fair job with almost all of it ready made except for the base/land
    trees from train hobby shops same goes for buildings, trees, walls etc , there are dozens of manufacturers in most scales upto 1/6th
    1/76 or 1/72 is fairly easy to source
    1/48 a little harder
    1/35 is fairly easy too.

    Just a thought, use a pasting table as a base, they are fairly cheap, and at a height suitable for smaller folk, and if more is required they can be made to fit together relatively easily.
  10. I think that sounds very feasible, I saw a suggestion in one of those sites about making all the contours with architect paper, whatever that is! couldn't find it in Google... and then like you say use accu-plast plaster bandages...
  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Oh Gundulph. Leak seal & package. Mmmmmmmmm, was trying to forget all that BCMD stuff but PoP bandages would be ideal for covering large areas of ground. I've used that builders gap filling foam as a base in the past. Been a while since any modelling though.
  12. Cheers Mick_Sterbs... Good looking site and beats making everything!


    I forgot about those foam spray cans we used hundreds of on 'other' projects in 33... cheers for the memories :roll: :wink: