Figures Diorama bases


Sure I will try to dig out my NVA tomorrow... I think I know where they are. Elusive buggers have never seen a battlefield!
Bravo bravo walts
Any photos, please?
........just before I have to don my balaclava before I venture into Tesco and someone recognises me.
I answer to your question.

No. I can't even find drag marks or blood splatters.

Since I created them, I've moved house, guess whose still lurking in a box somewhere waiting to be unpacked... If I do find them I will post pictures.
That Boulder Creek guy has been busy again!


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He's quick anyway.


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Good work there mate. Took some patience doing all those figures. Cracking job.
When Dad went into doing his dioramas, sometimes, now it might just be me. His figures seemed to be a little bit chunky. But his attention to detail doing the ground work on the base.. outstanding. His patience for detail just gets me.
When he turned his hand to solo figures, he got better and better. I will be post a few more shortly, but I don't want bore people.

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